Where can I see more about HCG Diet Medifast menu?

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Quick question: Where can I see more about HCG Diet Medifast menu? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... Finally it's nearly here,.

I go into hospital tomorrow and having my operation on Friday, as to say Im scared is an understatement,.

I have just sat and wrote my letters to my children and husband, just encase something goes wrong on the table..

Wish me luck.

Pauline :)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Good Luck!.

I go March 8th @ 5:00 a.m..

I to have written my letters and wrote everthing done just in case..

Can't wait to hear from your after.



I'll be praying for you..


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Hi Polly,.

Its great to be prepired, but I think you might be changing the letters you have written to WOW messages before you know it....

Your amoungst proffesionals who have probably dealt with every scenario imaginable..

Your in safe hands, before, during and after..

Prepare for a slow recovery and to take your time comming to terms with the begining of a wonderful new life..

Wish you well..

Dont worry, Im sure everything will be fine....

Buzz xxx..

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Thank you all so much for your thoughts, good wishes and advice they mean a lot to me. I get operated on Friday at 8.30 but go in to hospital tomorrow..

I will definitely do what you said Cindy with my Medifast food counting my carbs and protein.

Thank you x.


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Good luck Stephanie for March will be looking forward to hearing how things went with your.


, god bless.

Will come on line soon as I feel up to it and let you know how my.



Speak soon.


Comment #5

Good luck on your.


!! I may just steal that letter.



As for you being scared, I think that if you weren't at least a little scared, that I would worry. Keep a positive outlook on the experience, but know that if you need any support or advice, that we are all here for you!.


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Thank you so much Erin, Im so grateful for your kind words and support, I dont know what I would do without having everyone on the forum to turn too for advice, will let you know how I get on soon as I can.

Take care.


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Good luck, I'll be sending out good wishes for you. It's totally normal to be scared. I would be worried about ya if you weren't! But you will be fine. I isn't the funnest thing to do but it does go surprisingly (and blessedly) fast once the.


Is over. You will be so happy and proud of yourself once it's done and you should be. You can do it, and we'll be here waiting for ya when you get back! =)..

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I too, wrote letters to my children. I am a high risk patient so for me it was quite possible I wouldn't make it through, but it was positive that I would die without the.


You have to be able to trust your doctor. Has he done a lot of surgeries. How many patients has he lost, if any. Is he center of excellence certified. If you have a skilled experienced surgeon, just relax and trust him..

I have congestive heart failure and a bunch of co-morbidities, plus my weight at start was over 400 lbs. and with all this going against me I still came out fine. You will too. Just relax and think about how life is going to change for you. All the things you are going to do that you can't do now. Keep your eye on the prize..

I will pray for you and I know you will be fine...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.