Where is the actions Medifast menu in an individual conversation in facebook mesaging?

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My first question is Where is the actions Medifast menu in an individual conversation in facebook mesaging? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... You know in the beginning when we are still heavy there are parts of us that just seem to run together so I was wondering when you started losing what did you notice the most at first getting skinny that you never notice about yourself before? I had a few. Most obviously my face cause it was huge and now it's thin but what tickled me to death was I had a collarbone lol. I never ever remembered seeing it and my shoulders looked so small and boney at the top. That made me smile alot but the other one, which I know probly sounds silly, was my feet.

Sometimes my daughter will catch me just looking at my feet and she thinks i'm so weird but it just made me happy. I also use to be the biggest between me and my 2 younger sisters and now I'm the smallest, which they hate, but that always gives me great joy also :).


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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For me, The thinner face, and smaller shoulders is also the biggest surprises for me, as I've lost weight. ONly down side of the thinner face...those wrinkles in my 53 year old face are more pronounced. :-(.

I have had a couple people comment that I'm so small....mind you I still weigh in the 180's and at least 25-35# from where I'd like to be in the end...but compared to my over 300# I carried around for 20+ years, I guess I do look small. That's different to think about..


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Hahahaha I have really cute feet now

They've shrunk two sizes..

I love all of my new bones... I have hip bones, and collar bones...and even kinda boney fingers and wrist bones are more visible and pronounced too..

I can be caught feeling the bones beneath the skin at least once a day..

Downfall to all thisalways has to be that my face has nose looks so much bigger to me :)..

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Since I carry almost all of my weight in my arse, stomach and thighs, it is funny to think that a collarbone is something that people don't see on themselves. I have only gone down 30 lbs but my face is skinner, not thin, but i'm not sure my face will ever be thin thin, I have some CHEEKS! lol My son has my cheeks and he's a pip squeak. SO I don't think the cheeks are going anywhere. I have a friend that is in her 40's and she lost her face fat, and now she has wrinkles when she never did before, she used to look like she was in her late 20's SO, I am loading up the face cream!!!.


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Well, when I was younger I was very I really missed my collarbone..

When I started to see that again........ Boy way I excited........Missed it so much. I also have not a long neck, but a Over 100 lbs ago, I almost felt like a head on neck was so fat and short..

My face is alot thinner, but I would like to see it even more so........I want those defined cheek bones again. I'll get there..

But to agree with LinKD on one thing...........yes the eyes and the smile............I just light up now, when I smile..

Loving this benefits...

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I noticed that I have a face that is not just round and a nice neck underneath it with collar bones, but the best thing is; my husband noticed my buns, I swear he thinks that I have lost all 50 lbs from there!!! LOL..

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I love these stories! I can't wait to get to the place where I'm discovering new things about my body. I'm out of.


Just 1 wk and m y face has slimmed slightly but still has a ways to go :-)..

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I love love love my jaw line and chin. Since being 40 lbs. smaller I now have a defined jaw line which I cant look at enough!!..

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I noticed my neck first - it looked different and not so pudgy. Good for you on your feet! My feet were the only thing thin about me before.


So I can't do much there. I have also notice that my butt feels more bony sitting on a hard chair. I guess the cushion is getting

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Everyone said that they could tell that I was losing in my face I like the fact I have a jaw line now and that the fat is out of my face neck and hands and like everyone else my eyes don't disappear when I laugh..

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