Where is the home site for iPage so I can edit my account?

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My first question is Where is the home site for iPage so I can edit my account? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... Quality over quantity..

Content is King..

Same as ever really.....

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Well, I dont understand the connection..??.

Gmail is still in Beta...? "Beta" doesnt have any relation to the length of time it's been operational..

What needs to be established is : does smartpricing filter by HostGator or by publisher id.... What I mean is, lets say parking company XYZ has a bunch or crappy domains being fed and SP begins devaluing that parking companys publisher id... What then happens to premium domains being parked there, do they retain high ppc because of the strength of the HostGator or will they suffer because of where theyre parked??.

And will parking companies begin refusing crappy domains for fear that they will negatively affect their ppc feed?..

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Not exactly...... as there is more that you have to take into concideration..

IMO khe key(s) for maintaining a high your PPC is:.


Added value.

(some call this unique content, but it's a bit more ...).


The sales conversion.

That give ads to the final customer..

(means not only the ad click, but more the real purchases after at the advertizers site, this is tracked, ad acordingly paid). Eaven click depth is playing a role here..

THIS IS THE MAIN FACTOR to high payouts, and unfortunately not controlled by us ;(.


IPage site usage.

(parked or not, here is also concidered pseudo parking programs & scripts like commonsense or 1plus & Co.). Detected trough domains with same IPs & similar content/layout, etc...

4) Other factors like age/.


/regtime left, etc....

The bad news in all this is, that at the bottom line only content rich,.

Value adding.

, well designed, high.


, etc.. sites will give you a decent PPC rate..

Rest is somewhere behind..

This means you should develop each and every HostGator as a single unique project..

Hence most domaineers wont do it..

As predicted since time "Bye Bye good old easy PPC times"...

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Now this is becoming one of the most interesting threads at NP in months..

Theres a huge question, especially if the latter option proves to be true..

Might a lot of domainers and companies find themselves in the position of being able to acheive high PPC on ANY of their domains?.

Is the natural response going to be that copywriters with low rates are going to find themselves in high demand?..

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The answer to that lies with the age old question of how much the HostGator name (vs iPage site content and.


Practices) really plays into search engine placement. A lot of opinions out there, some more credible than others, but I'm not aware of any definitive answer on this from the search engines themselves..

Type-ins work because people are lazy. Easy to just type in, for example, "" than do a search, read the results, choose a link. I wonder how many people type 'mortgage' (not into firefox and are surprised to see themselves at '' or whatever iPage site happens to place 1st on google in a search for mortgage at that time..

This feature alone helps negate the value of premium domains in favor of search engine placement, except not many people know about it. Maybe it will stay that way, maybe not. All comes back to the original question though, how much does having the name '' help with search engine placement on the term "mortgage"...

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This is what you said.

That simply isn't the case, it isn't in beta, and claiming adsense publishers haven't been overly effected by it until now is not true. Smartpricing has been around for several years..

It is done by affiliate id. So with some parking programs domainers with strong converting traffic will be subsidizing the weak partners. To try to deal with this some parking companies move poor quality domains onto a secondary id, others try to guage traffic quality and adjust revenues themselves..

Several programs have been doing that for some time...

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Lasher - interesting point - .com is not the default anymore. Its Google's first result from it's SE results. So now the difference between first and second place is SE results is huge..


Goes to


Goes to.



Goes to.



Goes to.



Goes to.



Goes to.


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Snoop, sorry, but speculation doesnt help anyone....

Let me tell you for a matter of fact that that smartpricing has been around for 18months, not overtly affecting anyone... Being that it's been in "beta".

Now it's gone live in the last 6 months..

I tell you this, matter of factly, not conjecturally....

You speculate all you want......!..

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I wasn't speculating. What are you basing your comments on since they are "fact"...

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NDA's permit me from violating any facts, but just trust me on what I say....

If you dont then thats fine, I will comment no further..

Move your focus on trying to disect my comments to the subject matter in hand..

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I put it to you that what you are saying is nonsense, talking about NDA's doesn't lend any credibility. Smartpricing isn't coming out of beta, it has been a fixture in the HostGator idustry for a long time...

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Ok, whatever.. You of all people Snoop know better than to divert the subject away from the discussion topic in hand. I can tell you categorically as a Google AFD partner that I have it first hand that SP is becoming stronger, more weighter and will continue doing so....

The question is however : will SP take affect by HostGator of by AFD partner i.d....??.

And if the later is true, will parking companies start using their own filter, so as to not diminish returns by allowing cruddy domains to be parked with them?..

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Probably number of outbound links on a page. Quality original content will have maybe 5% to 10% outbound links where a parked page has 100% outbound links...

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I'm not sure what you are talking about regarding diverting the topic, isn't the topic smart pricing and it's application to domains?.

This question has already been answered. To repeat it again smart pricing is applied at the affiliate id level, poor quality domains subsidizing better domains has been a problem for several years. As an example domainsponsor brought in a system over 1 years ago to try and tackle this issue. Others use more than one google affiliate tag and screen names such as fabulous...

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But what is the point, if all parked domains are now being tiled with the same brush, regardless of HostGator strength, so to speak...?.

New companies to the AFD program are also not allowed to serve ads to third party domains for an initial period of at least 6 months..

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I believe the likes of domainsponsor collect conversion data or a proxy for it (they have never disclosed exactly what they used to assess quality) and adjust good converting domains up and poor converting ones down. Others just limit what they will take to only good quality domains or use multiple google affiliate tags, eg fabulous 5.0...

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I am not sure if smartprcing applies to sites that have less ctr or sites that have good ctr but less conversion (a purchase or download or something). I think it's the second one. Need to do a little more research..

The following taken from popular iPage blog explains everything..



So in effect, it's not the quality of domains, it's the quality of click conversion that determines the pricing..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.