Where to find best dreamhost/iPage Coupon?

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My 1st question is: Where to find best dreamhost/iPage Coupon? Hoping for any comment. My other question... I'm fortunate to have only ever had 7 domains registered with Regfly, but when I went to transfer them in light of their imminent demise I had a hellofa time figuring out where to find the auth codes using their control panel. I saw in the MyDomain transfer section that they have a link with specific instructions on how to find RegFly auth codes and thought I'd share in case anyone is still having trouble figuring it out..

They have a.


Running with for $5 transfers from RegFly to MyDomain, and this link has details about that promo as well..


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There are tons of iPage discount codes available. Great chance to save dough on iPage now. I recommend you to register for their newsletter so you can receive their newest online discounts. They usually email once a month or so..

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I believe mydomain(dot)com is owned by namesdirect(dot)com...who is owned by Dotster(dot)com..

Don't mean this as bad or good...just think it's what it is...

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Yup, this is from the Registerflies page linked in my first post:..

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I got billed $89.50 what happen? I used the coupon and transfered 10 domains over. I submitted an support email and I am waiting for their reply. For those who plan to use this coupons please watch out!.

The paypal is back. I used it 14 hours ago...

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I saw that too. It definitely isn't as good as MyDomain's ($5 vs. $6.50 I think), and IMO MyDomain is way better anyway...

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I just checked and I still don't see a PayPal option on their site. Strange. The problem you're describing is the whole reason they pulled it down in the first place..

As you can see in numerous.


Here on NP and elsewhere, Dotsterand by extention MyDomainhave had trouble with PayPal transactions for some time. They almost always seem to bill the correct amount in the end, but because their system has in the past has treated PayPal like a credit card it first captures/authorizes the full amount of the transaction prior to applying the coupon. Once PayPal tells their system that you have the money to cover the order, it runs the transaction through their billing system and applies the coupon. The result with a credit card isn't a problem, but PayPal locks in that authorized amount and holds it in your account for something like 30 days..

Does that seem like what you experienced?..

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I didn't check with namepros before I go with mydomain! Hold my account for 30DAYS???!!! OMG! Their billing department haven't reply my support ticket yet. Let's see how they explain. I will post here once I get their reply. What a weird system. Such a big company with such a lousy billing system..

I still see the paypal system. See my attachment..

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This is what happens when you use second rate registrars. Avoid the hassle & use Moniker. Are the small savings (if any) worth the hassle?..

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What to do I had proceed with the transfer and 60 days later I will transfer away to moniker..

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You used Dotster, not MyDomain. Look in the top-left corner of that page. The coupon probably isn't valid on Dotster, just MyDomain. You're going to have to contact them and tell them that you used the coupon on the wrong site, and ask them to refund you the extra money you accidentally paid. The MyDomain guy who's posting on the Registerflies forums can probably help. Look at the last post in.



I've been in this biz a long time and I can tell you that MyDomain (Dotster) isn't a second rate registrar. I've had just as many problems with Moniker over the years as I've had with anyone. When Dotster has a problem, they fix it. I'd never recommend a registrar I hadn't used for a good amount of time, I'd never recommend a second rate registrar...

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For those of you that still have domains from Registerfly under your control at enom and would like them under your contro panel, we will allow you to transfer them over into NameCheap for free..

Just email our support and they will explain to you how it's done..

Once again, the HostGator must be under your control with enom...

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I'd be impressed if you could do it with them at registerfly. not all domains can be pushed to enom. only for ones over a certain age..

People with these type of domains were 'safe' anyway at enom..

Well as safe as they can be at enom lol.

They're a joke outfit too..

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WizKid101 I logged in from The URL is.


I think Dotster uses REGISTERAPI for all their branch??!!. You can try for yourself. I am very sure that there is a discount shown at the page of payment but the billing behind it charged me $8.95 per domain..

Finally their billing department replied me with a question..

Response (David P) - 02/28/2007 03:57 PM.

Which coupon did you use?.

I already stated that in my first email to them.

Hello sir,.

Just now I order 10 HostGator trasnsfer to and.

I used.

Coupons registerflies.

I should be billed $50 but when I check my.

Invoice I was billed $89.95What happen? Please fix my problem as.

Soon as possible..

Order Number: ODR-XXXXX.



What a weird system they are using!..

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Hi, I have a little more general question, since you're talking about regfly:.

Do you have to pay for any transfer from regfly, even to an enom account ? .

Thx, I have some names to get back....

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