Where to find best iPage/hostgator Coupon?

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My 1st question is: Where to find best iPage/hostgator Coupon? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Closer than me.


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Yep, there are some iPage discount codes available. Spiffy way to save cash on iPage now. I suggest you to subscribe for their email list so you can receive their latest voucher coupons. They typically send once a month or so..

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Moniker finally got in touch with me and settled the issues..


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Moniker offers a special pricing to namepros members ?

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Not here, one email 2 weeks ago, another email trhursday and the last friday. None responded...

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One of the first times I read negative reviews of Moniker. The support issue doesn't bother me that much though as I can call the US in case something would ever go wrong (as they're an established and stable registrar I would expect this won't happen often) but the creditcard issue... I never heard critics on their registration system before, but is it easy enough for non US citizens to register a HostGator there? I was planning to buy my next HostGator with them as almost all reviews I read were very positive (and as I am quite paranoid in terms of security etc) but I don't really feel like opening PayPal accounts etc just for this one purchase. However, some of the many positive comments I read on other sites, came from other Europeans so I guess they didn't have any issues with the payment?..

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I always get fast responses from Godaddy. If I have a problem though I will phone them on their toll free. But I register names other places too. I'm shocked a person has to pay thousands to get low prices. Every name I reg at Godaddy is thru a code and new regs are only $6.95..

Some who have horror stories probalby disagree with me. I can sure undertand that. I have recently learned that moving most of my domains out of a auction house is a big waste of time. I also have issues with the Corporation as regards their customer relations..

One thing about money. It will go to where it's value is perceived...

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I tacked a $6.85 account with them a few years back. Still have this pricing & reason why they are my "home" registrar...

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GoDaddy nas No tollfree number advertised. If you know one, please let us know..


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This is quoted from GoDaddy's "Why Our Prices Are So Low" page:.

I find that hilarious seeing as how Bob Parsons put up a television for the SuperBowl in every department and then raffled it off to an employee in the end...

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I had CC issues with moniker as well, and wound up paying via a different method. But I found their support top notch...e-mail replied same day, and phone had 2 minute wait. Plus great pricing...

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But non-Americans can pay with CC, can't they? I mean, I don't really feel like opening a PayPal account just for one place, while all other internet salespoints I use accept my Visa card.....

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The payment page CC details insist on customer providing a US state as part of the CC info. There is no 'not applicable' option. Moniker say there is, but in the pull-down menu there is not. I am unable to successfully communicate this point to Moniker admin, so still have zero names with them. I don't want to use paypal and anyway moniker has a 4% paypal markup...

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I recently funded my account with my credit card, and I'm from Portugal (Europe). Didn't had any problems. In 7 years I was never as happy as with Moniker, and I've used almost all good registrars (and some bad ones too)..

I also have a good communication with my account manager, something I really never had with other registrars. I also never exchanged emails with those other CEO's , but with Monte (from Moniker) I exchanged a few in the last years, and he promptly replied..

Two thumbs up for Moniker! Hum... what about 4 thumbs up?..

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I called support this afternoon & had a sub 30 second wait time. The call was answered almost immediately. I had to e-mail support to finalize a cancellation & got a quick response. My transfers to them were canceled (due to GD' annoying 60 day rule on pushes) & the funds promptly into my account..

Two thumbs up for them! My favorite registrar by far!..

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I don't know of one but using skype is cheap!..

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Skype crap? The sound quality is not 100% yeah, but I called Israel 4x, Belgium 2x, Norway 3x, Turkey 3x, Australia 3x all in two weeks time, and it didn't even cost me 10 euro. That bit of noise on the line is easily forgotten then..

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It is important for everyone to remember some companies get busy from time to time..

Allthough they can ignore your emails and put them on the backburner they however cant ignore a phonecall dont be afraid to do so. if it's important enough the quickest help is always a live voice on the other end of your phone...

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Same here but I called them and they fixed. It was a security check (none of my ccs or paypal worked during that time) after I bought a few domains. But I never had to wait on the phone and got a quick email response from Don...

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Well, add me to the list of those above having problems getting response from Moniker support. I emailed them over a week ago (2/9) with some questions, and have not yet gotten a "return receipt" nor a reply..

I now have another issue with Moniker, which is now holding up a new project. I called Moniker support last night and was on hold for about 2 hours with no response. I finally gave up. I have called again today (2/17), and I am on hold (for over an hour now!!) as I type this..

Maybe some Moniker user out there can answer my question. I have done this successfully with several domains on my own reseller account (.


- a reseller of Wild West Domains), and now I have registered some domains as a trial with Moniker..

I want to update the Monilker DNS MX record of one of those domains to direct it to my own web server at my own IP address. I tried setting the "UrlFwd" settings to the IP addr, which worked, but the incoming header at the server has the IP address instead of the URL of the domain. So, Apache does not know which "Virtual Domain" it belongs to..

Is it possible to do this with a HostGator at Moniker? If so, how?.

If not, I guess my Moniker trial is over..

Thanks for any help you may provide...

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Hey, asianinvasion, thanks for the info. It was just what I needed. It worked like a charm..

I guess there were so many tabs I missed that one..

So, I can keep my domains at Moniker, but I am still concerned about their recent customer service, or actually their lack thereof!..

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Their customer service is great. Today, Sunday, I sent them an email regarding a HostGator transfer, and it was replied moments later. Even if it was slower someday, we can't judge them by that, but the overall service in a medium/long period..

This concerning regular support..

If I talk about my account manager, or the ceo, I have even better things to say. In how many companies can you send an email to the ceo, and he/she replies hours later? Not many. But I've exchanged email with Monte Cahn some times now..

I've used more than 6 registars, and in my opinion this is the best one..

It's not perfect, but close. I found 1 or 2 glitches that were fixed as soon as I sent them...

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Well, that seems to be just great for you! You have an in with the CEO!! But, what about the rest of us (read previous posts)??.

Moniker support STILL hasn't responded to my email from 9 days ago! I also emailed my account rep, Don Lyons, 5 days ago asking him to followup on supports non-response. Guess what, he hasn't responded either..

Plus, what about being ON HOLD for over 3 hours total in two sessions with "Customer Service" with NO ANSWER. Maybe I have to call the CEO!!.

And those are just several instances that happened to ME recently. How about the other folks in this thread reporting similar problems with Moniker support?.

Why don't you give us the email address of the CEO so WE can get some service? Or, if you are not willing to do that, you should email him/her and refer him/her to this thread!!..

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The person that replied to my support ticket today doesn't think I'm a special customer.

She is Glenda, and the email is the usual support (at)

Try filling a new support ticket. I will also send this thread to Don, for him to see what is going on...

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Moniker support has redeemed themselves by responding (in spades) to my questions and problem. Several people in support and sales have gotten back to me today, and all my issues are now satisfactorily resolved..

And, they are looking into why the telephone support line did not go into the after hours message, instead of the message leading me on to believe they would eventually answer the call..

A big thanks to Don, Glenda and Peter at Moniker for, at long last, addressing my issues so thoroughly. You have renewed my faith in Moniker...

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Joe, I had emailed Monte (the CEO) and Don (account manager) about this thread, and I'm glad to see that everything was worked out...

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