Where to find the downloaded Medifast menu in internet explorer 8?

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First of all Where to find the downloaded Medifast menu in internet explorer 8? Thanks for any response. Second question.. Hi everyone.

I'm scheduled for.


March 31 and I'm a self-pay. My insurance has a "no obesity" clause which means they will pay NOTHING for anything dealing with weight loss. Very frustrating. Anyone else in this same boat?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Just a word to the wise...should any complications arise and insurance didn't cover the.


, they will likely NOT cover.


Or treatment costs for the other procedures..

Just wanting to put that out there , so you can be sure you know what you are getting into there...

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If you are going to self pay.. talk to Shelley (Eggface) about.


In Mexico!!.. much cheaper!!!..

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Have tried all of the things - have documented all of the medical conditions I have because of obesity but my insurance has a specific clause in it that will NOT pay anything for obesity related things. Just the way it is...

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Hi Trish,.

Congratulations for deciding to go through with.



I was a self pay, same thing with insurance. Most of the presurgery tests got covered because my regular Dr. was concerned about my weight. I understand that some of my skin removal will be covered, and boy will I need that..

It was extremely frustrating to spend six years trying to get this done with insurance. It did not help that my employer changes insurance every two years..

Finally I had had enough of the sh*t that I took out a home improvement loan and improved my home by improving myself, lol. Paying for less medications and less Medifast food covers most of the monthly payments for me..

Be sure you save all receipts for tax purposes. I traveled to TX and stayed 10 in a hotel and that was deductible..

I am positive that I saved my own life. It is worth every penny it cost..

PS. There is an insurance, "Blis,"or "Bliss," That will pay for complications on self pay surgeries. The surgeon has to be registered with them prior to the.


I did not buy it and fortunately, I did not need it...

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Cupsful thanks so very much for your response - what is so cool about this site is that there are people in the same boat - so nice to have someone to go over things with. That is what I am hoping for that my insurance will cover some of the labs - presurgery stuff but time will only tell. So glad that you got to have the.


- a 6 year weight - goodness gracious. Good luck on the skin removal and so glad that will be covered. Yes I am hoping that my medical conditions improve once I have this.


- I'm a bit older - 65 - so I'm just hoping all goes OK and with a positive attitude i'm sure it will - attitude determines altitude. Yes I am saving all my receipts. Thanks for the info on Blis or Bliss - I'll check into that - and that is what I am counting on - no complications. Thanks again...

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I too was self pay. My husband says it was the best money we ever spent and it's only been a month since my.


! My family doctor did any of the tests he could do pre-op to save money since the ins would pay for him to do it. Good luck to you!..

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Cindyburst - thanks for the positive thought - I do also think it may be the best money we will ever spend - afterall if it makes me healthier and happier what could be better? Of course I do worry about post surgical complications - my insur won't pay - but then if I don't take a chance......

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Suggestion of last resort: check out a group called The Center for Obesity Law and Advocacy. The link to their site is.

Surgeons at the hospital I work with have had great success with insurance companies with their assistance...

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Bighotmomma: The issue I have is that my insurance specifically has a disclaimer that they will pay NOTHING for weight loss - I've tried everything - not much I can do - THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S REPLIES - THIS IS SURE A GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE..

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