Which hosting is better godaddy or iPage?

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Quick question... Which hosting is better godaddy or iPage? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... This is the final accepted list. They sent it out to traffic attendees. I'm shocked at some of the names they chose, but insider politics reins supreme in any business. Maybe it could just be a sign of a combing through the exhausting list of over 50k names??..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I am guesssing most 5/6 of the names go to silent auction, and only a the good good ones go to live auction...

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Given that there are 3800+ names on the list and only 280 or so are going to be in the live auction, the ratio is more like 1 in 13. Overall, IMO the quality of majority of the names seem very pathetic even for the silent auction...

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They might have tried to include at least one HostGator name from each prospective client, that's why it seems there are some lower quality names. And I think if there's interest in the name they include it. Maybe they vote on the names? 50,000 names is a LOT to go through. Sometimes just looking at people's lists of names on here where there's 30 or 40 listed is hard on the eyes! I can't imagine going through 50,000...

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I don't understand how they evaluate which ones go and.

Which ones don't. I wish I did! Out of 52 domains I submitted,.

All pronouncable words, no jibberish, only 2 made it. and but the one I thought would make it.

Was I mean come on! It's a great name.

I think that one is better than the 2 that did get in.

Well here's hoping at least one will sell..

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I just got an email from moniker saying that one of my names was selected to be in the upcoming live and silent auction..

However, I don't remember even submitting one. Is this just a.


Stunt ? Did anybody else get this email?.

If they're sending these out en masse, that's actually a really cruel joke !..

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Good luck to all. Vegas is THE place for irrational spending decisions so hopefully the bidders will go all out.....

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I got the same message just now!.




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Whats funny is I actually only have 2 domains regged with them and they are not even close to worthy..

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Um, a question, I never submitted anything to this auction , but why did they send me an email saying one of my HostGator names ( I have no idea which) was accepted?..

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They must be having issues, hope it doesn't create another delay!..

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Pre auction declared interest in names will determine which ones will go to live auction / silent auction etc..

That said, there is some complete garbage on the list I am stunned some were even considered. But no IDN's.

- a backward step.

Not good for Monikers rep.


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I just received an email as well saying that my name(s) were selected. I only submitted three, and one was a .info, and after checking the list just now, that's the only one that made it. Better than nothing I guess.......

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Let's get serious people. There are 3k domains we are talking about here. You can't expect 3,000 $100k+ gems up for auction. While we all may question the length or quality of some of the domains, we do not know the traffic/rev that may be generated from the domains..

Regarding Wot's comment... If Moniker included IDNs,.


Would be a step backward...

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I strongly agree with this post. I think some of the complaining sounds like more sour grapes than anything. Some names might be long but have decent keywords. One can't help if some words are naturally long...

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I don't know what everyone is griping about - there are some completely amazing names on that list - are you kidding me????? Sure there's some crap (like the 6 of mine they took.

).. but uh... there are a good number of 2-3 letter/char .coms and the generic one worders are SICK -.,,,,,, clock,com,,,!!!!,!!!!.

What kind of standards do you folks have that these aren't good enough????? Can I please see your portfolio?? Are you kidding me, baby? Slamma jamma baby!.

And many more, that's just what I see from a quick browse. If you think there aren't going to be 250 (or is it 280) awesome domains selected, you're nuts..

Crossing my fingers that some of our domains get picked. Cheers,.


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Yes, there're some extremely good names on the list but then there are plenty, and I mean really plenty, of third rate stuff as well; you don't need a Ph.D in domaining to figure this out....!! But like someone already commented above, there'd be no problem at all having high quality names for the live auction since that number is only 280....but the real issue is the below average quality of many/most names in the silent auction....and here I've a strong feeling that Moniker gave a much stronger consideration to the reserve price than the quality per se. Now, if we look at it from their perspective they're not in it for anything but to make money and in this situation a mediocre name with low low reserve is much more likely to result in a sale than a good quality name with higher reserve; a non-selling name, no matter how good, is just a waste of time and energy for them...

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I'm pretty sure that's how one of the three names I submitted got selected, low reserve...

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Come on guys....

This is a Business for Monte and Moniker. This is not about what looks the prettiest or what YOU want to see. The live auction list is about WHAT WILL SELL, sell so they can make their $$$. It appears that many do not understand how this works. They picks this highest quality names that have the lowest reserve which equals highest probability of a sale. It doesn't do them any good to include a kick ass names priced at the high end of the end user market.

Good Luck to all those that have submitted...

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