Which is better hosting to choose - GoDaddy or iPage?

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First question I have is Which is better hosting to choose - GoDaddy or iPage? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Are 3 letter domains worth anything? And if so, around how much?.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Oo... I actually have some decent letters too..

EDIT: Those are, not

I was happy for a minute.....

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If they have any value whatsoever, they would have all been taken IMHO...

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Thousands still available..

Also, I'm editing your thread title out of courtesy to folks who hate threads that just say "quick question" without saying about what (me)..


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I believe only suits UK-based non-profit organizations..

IMO only is worthy.. & should be avoided unless you are based there and intend to use the domain...

Comment #5 three letters top out at around 500 as generally it is organisations / none profits / smaller clubs and orgs buying thus lower budgets..

I know quite a few .uk domainers are stocking up..

As for the above list a few were our / my purchases or sales.

Lots more never reach.

Or the like...

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Very sorry, I'll be more specific from now on.

Does anyone think that their value may go up in some time when/ if gets more popular? Or will it always stay rather low?..

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Personally I'd stear well clear of them - certainly a risky investment. I don't see the market going anywhere (at least in the short term)...

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Well, if you say so. I will go ahead and post the two names I was thinging about reg'ing. < Could stand for "Operation Iraqi Freedom", also is rather large.. < is a rather large site. Owns and other large sites...

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Maybe very limited resell value, end user value depends on end users.

BTW: I have sold several .com to those organizations, they don't pay much as they are nonprofit ORGs, but most of the I contacted are interested in purchasing the .com..

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Only worth something if people buy them up! SO BUY THEM!..

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My bad; hope I didn't strain your heart too badly!.

And yeah, sales there are certainly less common. I only see one recent sale and a couple published by DNJ in '04:.

Domain TLD SalePrice SaleDate SaleThru.

IBC $500 Aug 06 Sedo.

Casinos $3,063 Aug 04 Sedo.

Casino $3,700 Jul 04 Sedo..

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I know a lot of quite large organisations use domains in the UK but not sure they have any value really...

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The problem with that is that three letter's will be inside the budget of lesser organisations whereas a three letter .com will not be.

The market I am seeing buying is where you spend 5.75 on a name and sell for 250 , rather than pay xxxx for a three letter .com and resell..

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Agreed. I think it's time that people started buying up and that will be the kindof market that is likely to be produced..

Ive had and for ages now, refusing to let them go... and Im not going to let them go. It was only the other week that somone bought all of the and HostGator combinations up! Great news!.

Thus meaning that my patience has paid off and hopefully they will gain a bit of worth.... maybe not much yet, but any rise in value is a good rise for me..

I am going to be purchasing 10 domains very soon, just for my piece of the pie... should others do the same..

- Luke..

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From a personal POV, I detest the extension..

I'm always typing .org and forgeting the .uk.

Especially annoying when I try to visit the FAW's site-

A few weeks ago I would have said get a NL or LN as these were running out, but as Jiblob above said these have all now been bought out..

Unless you're lucky and land an LLL combo an organisation wants, or a good word- then are likely to be pretty worthless- unless/until they eventually get bought out too. (Cheap reg fee is a nice plus if you plan to do what Jiblob has done and get a 'piece of the pie')..

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