Which one is a better webhost, iPage or Hostmonster"?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Which one is a better webhost, iPage or Hostmonster"? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I need the advice from the members here. Please post the registrar you like to register the domains with and why..

Also, the price you are getting for your HostGator registration and renewals..

There is something about Godaddy which makes me think a lot. I do not understand why they sell a lot of domains while their average prices are higher. Their services are good. But prices are higher. I have seen people looking for Coupon Codes and various other tricky ideas to get a $ 1 or 2 rebate. Many a times, it's $ 10 or 10 % on bigger orders, but the average price will still come higher compared to others..

About Enom, one can get a nice price if gets an account under ETP, but even than the price is bit higher than some other big companies..

Namecheap, lot of people go to them, but their prices are moderate / high. They are reseller of Enom, so they can't offer a better price..

BulkRegister, their prices are too high. I guess it's better to go via some of their resellers..

Registerfly is a company offering very good prices but support, ahh, forget it. They reply to email after 4 days and at times, I got a response after 10 days.., I had no experience with them.

Sparknames : I guess they are new in the field and do not have a very large userbase..

Yahoo domains, I guess they are for new people in business. The things take a long time to update for domains..

Moniker, I have only 10 domains with them and things are ok so far..

Resellerclub, their prices are the best I think. Domains changes are done in real time. Support is good, they have a good reseller base, but I guess they are not well represented compared to other companies..

If I have missed any company, please let me know, we can add that as well..

You can even vote to choose the best registrar..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I vote resellerclub - we use their system for WSDReg and have found them to be rock solid...

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There's member opinions there dating back over the last few years. Anyone asking this question should definitely look there and do a search on NP too, this question is asked hundreds of times and the answers are pretty much always the same..

I would say most of the companies on your voting list suck in some way or another. My current fav is domainsite or a resellerclub reseller...

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Namecheap. They are simple and have coupons to save money. Haven't had any bad experiences..


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I use Omnis. They offer domains for a great price, and are very flexible...

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Namecheap because I've had no problems with them and love the coupons they offer...

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We also like their system. Our company has reseller accounts with Resellerclub, Godaddy, Enom and Registerfly. But prices at GD are high. Enom is fine, Registerfly support is really bad..

But we have shifted to Resellerclub and offer their storefront for our customers and resellers and it is really good at those prices. But I have seen that people do not prefer ResellerClub, don't understand the reason, but people love GD and Namecheap (even more than Enom)..

So, Moniker, GD and namecheap top the list till now..

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I prefer NameCheap, simply because that's what I've generally used. I like Moniker as well. GoDaddy really bothers me. I'm not sure why. They just don't sit well with me..

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I would definitely say Moniker - great price and best service! Can't beat that combination.


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Their prices are good, but I have seen their support not very good when we had to transfer 4 domains to our account at moniker..

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I use namecheap - love their control panel, their prices are pretty good (with discounts), and I've never had a problem with them yet...

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Namecheap is good, their inteface is nice as well..

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Moniker...Hands Down.

Best service, best price and best security. A very rare combo and a wonderful company to work with as a domainer..

- zesty..

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NameCheap - Nice interface, good support, prices higher than average registrar but I like their features...

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Moniker- quick support, easy to use and very secure...

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I wont agree to this, they show too many promotions which most people do not want..

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