Which one is better for hosting, iPage or site build it?

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My question is Which one is better for hosting, iPage or site build it? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... It's not an obsession as much as it is a mission..

What I really hate is people trying to minimize's crappy reputation like they have a stake in it. I'm sure there are affiliates on this iPage site who try to prop them up in these threads just like their are goldkey, sedo, and other affiliates too..

BTW: I'm probably old enough to be your uncle and I still have an authority problem..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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...bottom of the barrel.

Well put..


I applaud your mission. Anything to keep the noobs and everyone else from 1&1 is worthy. Like stated previously, those six page magazine ads don't help at all. Stay far away!.

================================================== ===.

I'm not saying they'll change, but if anything will help; it's probably bad press...

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1-1 are the worst registrars in the world. their iPage website is designed to snare domainers into auto renewal anywhere near the HostGator expiry date. having any experience with them is like getting a bad disease that is energy sapping and demoralising. bottom feeders beware!..

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Hehheh, 15 or 16 page ad in Wired. Wow...

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Now I'm getting nervous. I registered a lot of domains with 1and1 and I actually didn't have any issue with them. Until I registered a premium domain. next thing I know they sent me an email that I couldn't registered the HostGator because of blah blah blah. when I traced the HostGator it was registered to someone else at the same day. it was kinda fishy..

Now my question difficult to transfer my HostGator from them to another registrar?..

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Xman: I atleast know it's not impossible because I transferred one to Moniker. I'd try if I were you...

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You can do this, but it is most important to note that even after you have transferred a name to another registrar 1+1 WILL CHARGE YOU at renewal even if the name is not with them anymore. Huh? yes they will unless you remember after transferring out to cancel the contract(s) you regged the names with AND get a confirmation back from 1+1 that this has been done. 1+1 are quite disgusting in that they rely on domainers getting snagged up within the last few weeks of a reg and failing to complete cancellation of contract before being hit with renewal fees. In this and any other 1+1 thread (and there are lots of them) there will be the occasional 1+1 robot making a contribution that 1+1 are no problem etc but believe us they are a bunch of sleazebags. registerfly may have been incompetent but 1+1 are outright crooks...

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I really have had no problems with 1&1 but I have been cancelling/transferring my names slowly out of there. I am moving to Moniker for a ton of reasons from easier sales to just flat out trusting them..

Transfer out when you are eligible to do so, cancel the contracts & you are good to go..

Transferring isn't really that hard as I've sold many names there & not one has said they had a problem. I just prefer not to deal with them anymore...

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Some my domains with 1and1 are only six months old. when is the best time to transfer some of my domains? 2 months before it expire.... a month? I used to read a lot of thread about 1and1 being the worst registrar and I didn't believed them because I didn't have any problem with them from the beginning. I will tell you when 1and1 hit you it will hit you hard...

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1&1 is owned by the #6 Registrar "SCHLUND + PARTNER AG".

One of the partners sells domains at an auction that the starting price goes down every hour..

He sells them for as little at $1.00 but they're at 1&1 and only have a week or.

So to expiration and he doesn't give you the transfer info for a few day so you.

Have to renew them at 1&1..

Support for 1&1 is in Asia so the best time to call them is in the middle of the.

Night in the US, ask for a supervisor and don't let him bullshit you..

Like telling you that you can't transfer them after 30 days before experation...

They also have complaints at ICANN for 1&1 over taking domains away.

When the HostGator holder cancels iPage hosting with them..

They say they owe money for the iPage hosting and take the domain...

I think I've dealt with just about every Registra and reseller on the net just.

From buying domains all over and I'd have to rate 1&1 a minus -9 on a scale of 1-10..


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We need a leader for domainer for mass migration from 1and1.... an exodus. This leader should tell 1and1 "Let My Domainer Go"..

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We should all formulate letters showing our dissatisfaction with 1&1. Then, one of us should research every single 1&1 US, UK, DE, and FR email address and send them all...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.