Which one should I pick for web hosting? need advice, iPage or hostmonster?

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First question I got is Which one should I pick for web hosting? need advice, iPage or hostmonster? Thanks for any response. Second question.. Https://

Bob Parsons also has a post about the RF situation in his blog:.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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UPDATE: On Feb 27th received an email from Godaddy requesting.

AUTH code, so went to registerfly and got it, then submitted it.

To Godaddy..

Feb 28th: Current status in Godaddy is "pending current registrar approval".

Whois has been updated to "pending transfer".

So far so good....just waiting on good old registerfly now to approve it!.

I'll post when complete..

Comment #2 is already offering $5 transfer for RF customers. See for more info..

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Part 1.

Part 2.


UPDATE: Feb 28th I received an accept/decline transfer confirmation.

From registerfly, so I accepted the transfer and they confirmed where.

It was going..

So now just waiting to see it in godaddy panel..

I'm surprised at how quickly (so far) it has proceeded..

[still have fingers crossed]..

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I'm glad that you're having success (not yet, but it sounds like you're getting there) getting your domain(s) out of RF. Fortunately, I don't have any domains over there, but it sounds like a real disaster for those who do...

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FINAL UPDATE: WOW!!! That was fast! It has successfully transfered to Godaddy!.

It is in my list there and whois shows godaddy's servers ...woohoo!.

That was 1, now I have to decide what to do with the other 7.

Let them drop or transfer renew..

At least I got the one out that I really wanted..

So transfers are currently working..

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I knew it was a matter of time before people started to assist those RegisterFly customers.

Glad to see MyDomains (Whos that..?) and Bob lending a helping hand!.

- Steve..

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I transferred a load of my domains with this coupon..

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I hear Registerfly customers are used to finding their domains unaccessible for the slightest reason and transferred to others based on extremely flimsy policies. After the last couple of months they should also be quite comfortable with the idea of a HostGator being locked for 60 days just because they fixed a typo in their contact name..

Yep, all in all, registerfly customers should feel right at home at GoDaddy..

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Wow Lasher, that was kind of mean.

I have over 400 domains registared with GD and have not had one problem. I need tech support, they pick up the phone. I accidently reg the wrong domain, they refund my money. I think GD is a great registrar...

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Why doesn't registerfly pay when we pay?.

I thought they just get a %.

If we renew for 5 years, the registrar only renews for one year and waits 12 months to renew for another year?..

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Congratulations. I've personally had no problems with GD myself either, but then many never had a problem with RF either until it really hit the fan. Some of my issues with GD:.

1. If I complain about usage on one of your domains and there is even a hint of truth, they will charge YOU to investigate it..

2. They turned over to someone who had it backordered because the name owner had an invalid email address on their whois. No phone call or contact via mail was attempted..

3. They shutdown - a full disclosure security mailing list that has been operating for longer than GD itself, because one of the disclosures contained passwords..

4. If you update contact information on your names, contrary to ICANN rules they will "lock" the name for 60 days..

5. Guess this one is more personal, but I'm sick and tired of Bob Parson's hypocrisy. Campaigning against HostGator tasting while his own company tastes his.


Expired domains for traffic and jacks up the TDNAM bid on those that have traffic. (I have no problem with either practice in principle, just don't do one and criticize the other)..

6. Plenty of TM complaints against names at GD have resulted in GD sidelining those domains. I don't care if your HostGator is '', it is not the registrar's call to decide what is and what is not a TM infringement. They have no business removing service from a name until a qualified legal verdict has been reached, either via the court process or the UDRP..

7. There's plenty more. Start at.




I am not affiliated with either iPage site in any way btw..

I want my registrar to be just that - a registrar, a keeper of records. I do not want my registrar making moral and unqualified legal decisions about my domains and usage of those domains. In terms of price, stabilitity and range of offerings, GD is indeed a good registrar, just make sure you read the T&Cs and do your homework before transferring in hundreds of names...

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I humbly bow to Lasher....

Fortunately I have never had any type of those described problems..

What ever did happen to Did the owner ever recover the domain?.

I agree with you on your defination of what a registrar should be. I will take your advice and, especially after this RF fiasco, be more cautious about who I parther with as my registrar..


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1. Poppycock.

2. Poppycock .. it is the HostGator owners RESPONSIBILITY to have correct contact info..nots godaddy's.

3. Poppycock..seclists ADMITS they were showing lists they SHOULDNT be.. freaking hackers..who gives a ratss ass that othrs are also doing it...others also speed every day., that your excuse when you get a speeding ticket?.

4.Thats the freaking rules..go whine elsewhere.


6.Good for Godaddy..quit squatting.

7.Penis envy .. just a bunch of whiners..

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They don't pay instantly. I think general practice is to pay a monthly bill to the registries..

If that happened, then something shady is going on. If you renew for a 5 years, the record at the main registry should reflect that. If not, then the registrar is working your float not giving you what you paid for...

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Thanks for the intellectual refutal, you have clearly pwned me with factz, d00d. Btw, even if the email address had been right, the amount of time given to the owner to respond was enough that anyone on a cruise could have missed it. So let's add that it is the owners RESPONSIBILITY (as opposed to responsibility?) to check their email as often as GD would like, just in case..

Agreed. My point is it is not the registrar's place to decide what is and is not legal..

GoDaddy's rule only. I think you (rather eloquently) agreed with me, which was basically read the T&Cs carefully and if you don't like them go elsewhere..

Once again I bow to your refutal, hard to argue with that those mad debating skills..

Do you happen to have a relative called GoreObama? Just curious, because you were selling the HostGator recently? You don't think that's squatting? Better hope GoDaddy agree if either of them complain, or you could just move it to a registrar that lets the law decide the law..

Btw, I agree with the 'quit squatting' statement and I don't own, my point is it is not for the registrar to decide what is and isn't squatting. Not all "squatting" is black and white..

Ahh, so anyone with a consumer warning iPage site is just a whiner with penis envy?.

Off to lick my wounds.....

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Bob Parsons also has a post about the RF situation in his blog:.


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Godaddy's my hero.

Thanks for the links, I have started 1 transfer to see.

How it turns out. Never got asked for the auth code though, are.

They bypassing that action?.

Currently showing at Godaddy as "pending whois verification".

[crosses fingers] I'll let you know how it turns out..

Tried to rep.

"We're glad that you're fond of this member, but please give some rep points to some other members before giving it to david.amherst again.".

Apparently I have done so already recently..

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Nice to know. What does the "one time price" mean?..

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"one time price" means the price will not always be there. He pays $6.25 per year, so he is taking a loss on .com (considering his overhead) to hopefully gain customers..

* means plus 25 cents - Only Godaddy separates the ICANN fee, all other registrars just include it...

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