Which restaurant have Crispy potatoes skin on their Medifast menu?

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First of all Which restaurant have Crispy potatoes skin on their Medifast menu? Many thanks for any response. Another question... Do you have a source in the USA for "No Sugar Added" dried fruits?.

I tend to use a lot of dried/diced fruits. I mix them with my greek yogurt or other foods. Doing this is optimal for me personally given that I need to make Medifast food prep quick and simple and convenient as possible. I do not enjoy cooking or storing, preparing, planning, slicing, dicing etc. with an array of fresh fruits - that is just not a good choice for me..

The biggest issue I have is that nearly every package of dried fruit on the market has added sugar. Oh sure, they frequently disguise the name in myriad forms - sucrose, fructose, concentrated apple juice, evaporated cane juice, glucose, dextrose, malt syrup , galactose, agave nectar, fruit juice concentrates, lactose, maltose, invert sugar, raw sugar, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, granulated sugar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, molasses, etc. But this is ALL sugar..

Fruit has plenty of natural sugar already, especial dried fruit. Thus, I refuse to buy any package of dried fruit that has sugar added - any form of sugar - (or oil - common in banana chips)..

So called 'health Medifast food sections' are rife with such sugar added dried fruits. And just try to find sugar free dried cranberries.....

My local options for sugar free dried fruits is very limited. There is a brand called "Bare Fruit" available at a couple of stores that does not add sugar but the selection is limited. Does anyone else have a favorite mail order vendor they use for No Sugar Added dried fruits? Thx...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I was going to suggest a dehydrator as well...I have a cheapo one from walmart...I do apples, pineapples, bananas, even do my own beef jerkyonce you start using one it really pays for itself in no time!!! :).


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I'm in the same boat as you. I scoured Wegmans this weekend looking for sugar free dried fruit (which, if you know Wegmans, it has EVERYTHING) and I still couldn't find any:(. Even their organic/natural section, which is pretty big, didn't have anything I could eat. I'm trying so hard to stay from all those sugars that have different names, but it's really hard. I've considered drying my own, but haven't done so yet..

I may look into the dehydrator. If you do find anything sugar free, let us know!.


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The dehydrator thing I've considered. But are they pretty much set and forget or do they have to be 'tended'? Is leaving something in too long an issue? Depending on the effort/yield/simplicity/attention required it might be a good way to supplement other purchases...

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Your heading made me work we use the term nsa..for not sexually active! meaning there are certain exams we cant do!..

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Iveyrow, thx!.

Bari, yeah, good though. Blueberries are easy to freeze and and weeks supply for could easily go in a frig container at work..

The pre-sliced stuff might also be a workable thing - I'm certainly willing to pay a premium for convenience. And since my portion sizes are much smaller today....

Combining all these ideas might give me variety and convenience and some fresh fruit as well..

Love it. Thx for the feedback. Would also still be interested in mail order vendor if you know one you trust.....

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Jerry, The dehydrator instructions tell you how long to set. I dry mine while I.


, no tending involved. You can also use your oven I heard...

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