Which web hosting is better iPage or JustHost? Whats your experience with them?

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My question is Which web hosting is better iPage or JustHost? Whats your experience with them? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Recently, I cancelled a lots of godaddy domains , I guess around 100+ names, even include a name which already been regged to Y2010, most of them going to expire recently, and I do disappoint on those ugly names....

So far, I still have 70 names around, most of them keep in Namecheap, not because I love them all, just because I don't know how to delete names in NC..otherwise, I know I will delete some of them as well...only 30 names will remain I believe....

What I learned then?.

Only buy premium names...which means,,, and and and proved traffic name ONLY.

Never buy others....if you have money buy other names, you may be need consider why not spend those money in NASDAQ...

I am not going to quit from this business, what I want to say is in this market, only premium name can survive and have good return...keep your name list within 50, always ask yourself for each item, do you want spend $1000 to buy it? if the answer is no, cancel it, give your own a reason to keep it., question if your potentical customer have other cheap choice, if the answer is yes, cancel it...challenge your self first..

Regist 1 name is cheap, but if you have 1000 junk names, only register is the winner.....

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Although you do make some good points, it was silly to cancel HostGator names before they expire. There was a chance you could liquidate them to make some of your money back, or even the possibility that some of them stood a chance to recieve offers before their expiration. I think a foolish move. If you canceled them recently at GoDaddy, call there billing department back up, they can restore them within a giving period..


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You could had perhaps given them away for free in the "Free stuff" thread..

In return, you get lots of reps and nps..

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Premium is relative. Those domains that can sell for $500 between resellers was worthless five years ago. I myself was pretty sick with my first batch of names registered begining last year. But guess what? I see people fighting for the stuff now. And I sell some at mid xxx to low xxxx..

So I highly recommend you don't delete any more names. And good luck with your names...

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I feel you, premium domains tend to have more value, however deleting your HostGator earlier is not needed..

You could of liquidated them for a couple bucks a piece.

All the best,.


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Why did you delete your names? You could have at least given them away... and not to mr bob parsons...

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You forgot to include in your list of domains to you can DEVELOP. I laugh at people that just park their names waiting for a sale. Get off your butt and make a site...sites sell for $xxxx all the time and believe it or's not that difficult to do it. iPage site building and promotion keeps a domainer busy in-between offers and looking for bargains..

I spent at least two-thirds of my time developing and promoting and it pays off...

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I firmly believe the big profits in this market are not in the $$$$ names, the fancy traffic and LLL.coms..

It is in reg fee and low cost secondary market domains that are just ahead of the tide..

It is not about how many bucks you can sell it for, it is about your percentage profit, with consideration for your time. Look at the buyers of For weeks last October you could buy your choice of thousands for $18 - $25, depending on your choice of registrar. Now they sell for $250 each quite easily. Six months later! Where the tide will next rise is never certain. That is where experience and creativity come into play..

Established domains that are legitimately in the $$$$ range now are likely a good investment over time, and convey more bragging rights than wannabe domains. But some wannabe domains make it. Those who have limited funds who buy the right ones today will be the wealthy blue chip owners of tomorrow..

Yet there is something to be said for clearing the table. Perhaps the domains you deleted were truly duds that clogged your thinking. Everyone has their own way...

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Thanks for everyone's reply and opinion...

Yes, 1 or 2 cancellation is just "emotion", while most cancellation is going to expire, I deleted them 5-30 days early to "clean the table".

But I do agree I should post them here first and send it to the NPer first, will remember next time....

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