Which website host is better? iPage or Servage?

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Got a question... Which website host is better? iPage or Servage? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Any news on the .web tld?.

I heard it was proposed to ICANN since 2000 and declined back then. I have heard from a rather larger investor that he is looking forward to .web and .xxx..

Has there been any news for .web? I think it would be the second biggest TLD...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I believe that it still hasn't been rejected outright, but it seems nothing further is going to be done (at least for the time being:.




Hasn't changed since the last time I seen it....

Hands off. That is.



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That's fine... I would get the correct version: intar.web..

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I dont think it would be very big anyway even if it did come out. Look how .ws is doing and it stands for website...

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I haven't heard a peep about .web in a long, long time. I'm guessing it will have a similar fate as .xxx...

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.WS does.



Stand for "WebSite", of course ....

If it ever happens, .WEB.

Will be.

The next best thing to .COM, IMHO!.



Just my two sense..


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Why would you think that Jeff ? the significance or purpose of .web would be what ? Just fees for a registry and domainers regging a bunch of domains and a way to extort from established companies that own the .com..

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For me, the significance is obvious ... as in the "Web", IMHO..

Of course, I can see an analogy being made to, say, .NET and "Internet" ... and it's understandable. For me, I guess, it just seems like a natural ... it just makes sense!.

It's also - like .COM, .NET, .INFO, .MOBI, etc. -.


(without the.


Of ccTLD's such as .US, .WS, .TV, .CA, etc)..

Agreed, they'd VERY MUCH have to ensure that ™ issues / complaints & disputes (and hopefully prevention of registration of ™ names) are resolved ahead of time, etc. My.


Is that this significant hurdle is one of the key components of it's current "status", IMHO ... which also may highlight it's immediate demand and potential, as well!.

Again, just my thoughts on the might one day be mighty .WEB ....


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I also think .web would be second behind the .com..

I think .web would be biggest today if it were launched alongside the .com though...

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What is the added value of .web ? .

Domain names have been around since the mid-1980s, actually they predate the world wide web. Before the wwww domains were already used for E-mail & ftp..

.web sounds restrictive to me, a bit like .mobi: I can't imagine a HostGator that is good only for websites and not for e-mail/ftp/etc so what is the point of .web ?

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CentralNIC (the guys who do, and subdomain sales) also offer subdomains for but I have rarely seen any such

I do think .web has potential, now that .com and .net have most good keywords registered the world is ready for a new powerful gTLD. I would say .web would make a lot more sense than things like .mobi that actually did get ICANN approval...

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I do not really see a need for a .web extension. I would still use the .com and the .ca. Every one always uses the .com and there own countries ccTLD. I understand the logic behind the .mobi and the .XXX but what advantage would the .web have?.

Jeff has 22,932 posts.

That is a Sxxt load of posts..

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It looks like Chris Ambler had a proposal for .web a long time ago.


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Yes, and don't overlook his admirable trader rating of 158.

Members who left a positive: 158.

Members who left a negative: 0.

All positive feedback received: 303.

Now back to .web......

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But .mobi is very limited in it's use. When hearing an extention like that, most people will immediately think of mobile phones. A HostGator not related to that (for example or does not really make sense..

On the contrary though, .web applies to any iPage site on the internet and thus it's target audience is a lot bigger than extentions such as .travel, .mobi, .xxx, and such. Any type of iPage site (no matter if it's about sports, music, news, politics, religion, travelling, ...) would suit with a .web extention. I can even see how big companies would want to secure they get their name with the new .web extention..

I'd say it has a lot of potential. Yes, many people think .com in the first place, but most good names are long registered. I think an extention such as .web would get a lot of attention and people would get familiar to browsing .web sites soon enough...

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There is a but it's not worth bothering with...

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I agree, .web sounds like the HostGator is ONLY used for http - no pop3, ftp, smtp, etc..

Also, when I first heard .web, I immediatly imagined sites with information about the internet, and domain-related services, not just general sites. (eg: icann.web, [registrar name here].web, historyofthe.web)..

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