Why am I getting offline io-m's from and

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Question I have... Why am I getting offline io-m's from and Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I find lots of good names with the .biz and the .us extension available..

Which is better?.

I tend to think .biz but I can't seem to move my .biz names..

I guess if my market was the USA, then .us, but what if my market was THE WORLD?.

Thanks for sharing your opinion,.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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.biz for sure..

I think because .com is often associated with the US, .us is a distant second when it comes to the US market..

Unlike canada and .ca ... (and other countries) where their own extensions are "natural" choices, .com (not .us) seems to be the natural choice for americans?.

Not sure if this makes sense - but it does to me..

P.S. my highest traffic iPage site is a .biz - so, i'm a fan. LOL.

P.S. I would choose .biz over .us for resale also - in most cases...

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I like .us better. Check out.

See who told you .us.

Names sucked? LOL..

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Thanks folks for sharing..

I tend to agree with virgil. My problem is that some names just seem like such a nice fit with the .biz extension..

Keep them comin'.


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You see good sales for both extensions. Obviously if you're targetting a global audience go for .biz, if you're targetting mostly US based customers for referral programs then .us is better. If you're just catching domains for resale, well that is anyones guess..

I don't think .US has been "tarnished" the same way that .biz and .info have with so many people using them for scams and spam. I noticed last week an email I received from Sedo was automatically blocked by SpamAssassin because it contained both .biz and .info...

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I think you should go for .us only because it is now beginning to gain in popularity and it's only a matter of time before the general public catches on..

Of course if targetting a world audience then go for the .biz but I prefer the .us extenion over the .biz one normally...

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Instead of speculating, let's gather some data. I have roughly equal numbers of .biz & .us on sale very cheap (see my sig); I'll let you know which one I sell more of! That should prove their relative value...

Comment #7 is my gem. Too bad the .biz never took off. Of course, I wish I had Now that would be a good mortgage refinance domain...

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Definitely go for .biz for a global market, for specifically US market go for .us...

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It would be interesting to see if goes higher than



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I definately think .biz if you are going for a global market. However .us is really catching on. The domains have recently dramitically appreiciated in price. Also the .US is now being promoted by the NeuStar, the .US registar, check out this thread:.


Also there are still a lot of good .US's up for grab, although recently I am seeing they are starting to be less and less available, could tell you something.....

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Unless you target the American public..

The thing is, for international sites, there's always the preference for a gTLD, and I'd say stuff like .TV is a better ccTLD than .US if you don't target USA market..

Thing is, here in Europe, many people begin to be very sceptic when it comes to anything American. The American Dream is dead in Europe, and many even have anti-American feelings. I am not taking a stand myself here (this is not the right place for that), all I'm saying is that (partly because of the general scepticism towards USA) I would be very surprised if a .US iPage website would attract a large European public. So unless you really target the American market, go for .BIZ.

I am not writing the above to start a political debate, but to indicate that for non-US-orientated sites I don't believe in the strength of .US extention. People here in European would not remember the .US well I'm afraid (as we're not used to sites with that extention) and there's people as well who would be turned off by it because of the political tendencies here. I am just warning for that and defending my statement that you're better off with .BIZ in my opinion. Please don't see this as an attempt to start a political debate, as I said I won't comment on my own point of view on a forum that is nothing political...

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.BIZ no doubt. It has not that restriction .US has..

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I think .us... I mean .biz is going nowhere but downhill. From my experience, a .biz isn't worth that much. I had a HostGator and yeah I know it sucked but if it was it would have been worth a whole lot more, believe me there...

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Both, but it depends which one fits the use better. Big business won't wan't .biz. They want .com. However, I see .biz being a very good fit for small businesses where there are hundreds of people who would want the name. For example, I have tried for names like,, or These are generic domains that have potentially many thousands of potential end users of the domain.

I also think brandable names would find a way to make .com work with a longer name, so I limit .biz to generic names. Also, if it isn't a business, it doesn't fit and I wouldn't register a biz..

For .us, it is broader in that it isn't limited to business types of use. However, it is more geographically limited. Not only the connotation of being a US business, but the Nexus requirement could limit the market for development. If you WANT to designate a business as US based or a US branch, it's superior for that purpose. I have a lot of geographical domains in .us because they make sense. Names like,,, and

I like both, but I always stop to think if the TLD actually fits the name. On some I pass on the .biz, on others I pass on the .us. Yet, sometimes I'll take both and sometimes neither...

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