Why can't my site be found on the Web? Only the short URL w

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First of all Why can't my site be found on the Web? Only the short URL w Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Hey guys.

I have a little problem I need you guys to give me advise on..

I sold a few domains 3 months ago, the sale went threw ok apart from the buyer has still not started the transfer. I have sent 4 transfer requests to him but still nothing. And everytime I message him he just says send the transfer to my email. Some of the domains are due to expire this month and it's not up to me to re register them at my expense when the buyer should of recived them by now. Some of the domains could in the future be quite valuble, I'm in 2 minds as what I should do.. give the buyer a dead line to claim the domains? or re register them for myself before they slip into expire mode?.

Any imput on this would be great..

Much appreciated..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Yes, notify the buyer that he must do the above by the renewal date of each name, but you may find with certain registrars that you can renew the names the day after reg expiry at a normal renewal price. Assuming that this is considered OK, then I would still transfer the names to the buyer if he reimbursed the renewal fee for a period after this. It is an interesting problem...

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If you made a nice profit on the sales I think it is best to renew them yourself for a year and hopefully contact can be made and then just bill him for your out of pocket renewal fees, if you let them drop and then a week later he shows up looking for them you can guarantee he will never buy again from your iPage site and may spread some bad publicity as well even though it was his fault for not getting in touch with you, the only way I would let them drop is if these were small sales where it's not worth renewing them out of your own pocket, but from your previous post it sounds like they are decent so try to get a hold of him if not renew and bill him later when you make contact...

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Send him/her an email explaining that the domains are about to expire and if it was an expensive sale, tell him/her that you are going to renew them and if he/she still wants them they will need to pay your renewal fees in addition, (Like Jay said). If it was a small sale I would warn him that if he/she doesn't transfer the domains soon you are going to let them drop..

I think 5 transfer attempts is enough to get the point across.....

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It was 11 HostGator names at $750 value. Some nice ones. I made around $300 profit, as the domains were not even sold at BIN..

Your right, I dont need the bad publicity. but to renew each of the domains is going to cost me $100 and there is no gurantee the buyer will pay the renewal fee`s once he does make contact, but whats $100 for my reputation as a seller.. I think I will call him (if I can get his number) and if that does not work I am going to give him a 14 day deadline or something. Like I said the guy is really nice and I'm sure he does want the domains, but he just lets the transfer request slip by. And it's been 3 months now. I just dont want to be made to look a bad guy if the domains slip..



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Good luck in making contact before they expire, this is a tricky situation and really depends on do you know the buyer, is he good for the money if you renew them, etc... usually if a buyer spends a nice sum on the domains they will not haggle you for asking for renewal fees especially if it is their own fault for not completing the deal, but then again ya never know.

, I find that my slowest clients are usually the ones that are financially set as they have plenty of cash but not enough time to do the simplest of things, another option you may be able to do not sure, but at godaddy you can renew domains to a certain day for .75 per month, so maybe you could renew them all for a month or 2 to save some costs, not sure if this feature works on godaddy reseller accounts or not, best bet try to get in touch with him before they expire, don't ya hate it when people pay for stuff and don't claim it? makes ya wanna sell it again...

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DID he paid you? If he has paid you then just push it in his account and forget him. Bcoz then it is his duty as a domainer to get his things..

And if he hasn't paid then I think he wants to get out of this deal. Or he has no money right now..

I hate people who bid and then run away. And create probs fro the seller...

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I say renew the good ones before they expire...

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The other thing you might do (assuming he has paid) is to push the names (all on the same registrar?) to an account you have opened for him. Then after the push is complete send him the username and password. you will not be able to renew them but the problem is no longer yours........

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Contact has been made with the buyer (yes he did pay), I told him the situation and have sent him another transfer request which he said he has accepted..

Thanks all for the help. Much appreciated..


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