Why did I get a message that says "lol lol" through Yahoo! Mess

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Got a quick question: Why did I get a message that says "lol lol" through Yahoo! Mess Thanks for any comment. Another question... HI All.

I just saw on Sedo that sold for $1500 USD.

Someone got thier self an early Xmas gift...

So does this mean it is worth making offers for around this fig$ on other. domains on Sedo and maybe you will get lucky..

Any comments..


Tom Dahne..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Isn't it Current normally have a much higher value than that...

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I think you are right. The.




Are just very close together in the text. And of course it's an image and not live text so you can't copy/paste it...

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Worldstar... I think you are right... looking at it closer now it looks like it is and not

The Cl looked like a d to me.. and now looking at the d in the top HostGator that sold for $650 it is differrent...

Thanks for point that out... Makes me feel a lot better LOL.


Tom Dahne..

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Now it's time for the seller to have a celebration..

A Xmas gift like sold for $1500 is not bad. For our domainers, it makes us confident to keep the meaningful domains...

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Ok, let's all point and stare at.


For creating this thread, and getting everybody excited over nothing...

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I saw it on Sedo and immidiately thought it must be If the domains are too long they get cut off in the middle, and it's often difficult to read them. Just another example of things Sedo just can't get quite right...

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Lol - thank god - that would take a while to get back all of that imaginary equity on my 3 letters. I could see where the confusion is - in fact - it's pretty spot on for DSC - but there is no friggen way...

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$1500 for Does clsc even have any meaning?? I wouldn't pay more than $100 for that one.... what do you guys say?.

It would very well be worth $1500 if it was though....


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Thats prolly his pre-Xmas excitement present [ Thread ] , lol...

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Honest mistake, it definiely looks to me like a "d".


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Hey, I just searched this forum to see if anyone else posted about this sale, haha so I thought it was DSC, too ....

I'm glad it's not a, hurts the market!..

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Ok tom....stop messing around.

....Thing looks like to me too..

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I wish I could sell my domains like that...

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Makes you wonder if the buyer thought it was as well //2..

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A very very nice price for a good-but-not-great

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