Why do I get ClientHandler: Client null disconnected from my compiler for a rsps?

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Quick question: Why do I get ClientHandler: Client null disconnected from my compiler for a rsps? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: So even though KM got control back - by the courts! - he's still stealing.

The money - criminal fraud and theft charges are a coming! With a big fat class action suit no doubt!.

Wonder who he'll blame now, since he's the only one "in control"!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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You're probably right. ICANN supposedly made copies of the database on the 15th. But that leaves anyone who made a transaction after that out to dry. ICANN should be contacting the Attorney General of the states where he's incorporated and where the server is to protect that database..

The class action suit will probably happen, but will there be anything left to sue for? Also will he and his remaining assets still be located in the US where creditors can get hold of them?..

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Where can I get the auth code for my domains to start the transfer process ? .

I forgot about 3 of my most important domains remaining with them..

Never mind, I guess I found it in HostGator Contact Information...

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Looks like they took down the ICANN AR images.

But look at their about is page.. it's not updated yet..

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Makes a good couplet:.

If you have an account balance, try to use it.

Otherwise dont send them money; you will lose it..

I learned not to deal with RF when I saw them trying to pass off extensions as actual HostGator extensions. Verrry bad...

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They may have pulled the logo off the front page but the iPage site is still riddled with text saying "ICANN accredited"..


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I send email to enom to transfer my domain, but they are saying me, they can't transfer my HostGator because it's not based on enom.

Now I dont know what should I do, it's in registerfly, and enom have no right in it. and it's expiring...

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If you can get the auth codes and unlock the HostGator then transfer it to another registrar immediately. You might also visit.

For much needed helpful advice...

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Anyone that has not saved info of all there domains with registerfly should do so imediately..

Icann only has outdated records and a bulk transfer of domains failure has the posabillity of loss of all digital records..

Seems there is not much you can do if auth. codes are blank RRP or as I call it, the dreaded U..

Or registrant info is changed.

Also heard the logo that came down was only blanked out but still has a link to ads of accreditation..

Seems like Icann, Enom and Registerfly will all have some explaining to do..

And to make matters even worse Kevin Medina has apparently even ripped off some young girl that worked for him for her wages..

He is not ripping me off again, I joined the class lawsuit, you should too!..

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As long as your whois is not in proxy, you should be okay. ICANN put a hold on registerfly deletions due to inability of users to make renewals work. Once domains are moved to a new registrar, hopefully next week, you should be able to renew there. Hopefully ICANN will make whoever takes over waive reinstatement fees. Also, hopefully the pricing at whoever takes over is on the low end of the scale..

What's never really been covered is those TLD's not under ICANN control such as most ccTLD's. You might need to contact the registry itself for help in those cases...

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RF is down at the moment. Luckily, I grabbed auth codes on all of my domains (minus 3 .us domains that don't have them because they are through a reseller account at Tucows). I've learned Tucows' customer support is even below RF'syou can't even get a hold of a person!..

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Fatal error: Call to a member function logdbg() on a non-object in /usr/local/tucows/wwwtucowscom_v2/include/functions.php on line 1154.

Don't look like tucows works either. =|..

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Yes, Tucows' webpage is full of broken links and dead ends. I have NOT been impressed with them...

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Looks like it's all going down..

Glad I spent all that time saving transfer codes and unlocking domains over the last few months, then suddenly you need auth codes for .com etc as well..

Now I have to spend all my wages paying for transfers. I starve for a week, but at least Kevin Medina wont be getting anymore liposuction out of me!..

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If you have lots of transfers to make, Moniker offers a service where they will perform a bulk transfer and allow you to pay equal payments over the next year...

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For real ! thanks man.

I was waiting for the bank to open tomorrow for funds deposit and transfer to godaddy for there discount price. But they just seem like registerfly all over again..

I will give moniker a go, might be able to bail straight away..

Got any ideas for or HostGator transfers out of registerfly trap?..

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Your best bet is to call moniker or give Don an email at dlyons [at]

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Got some accounts set up at moniker and internic.

Should be able to get all but 10 domains out,.

Shame they are not trash, Have to fight to the.

Bitter end , just to keep what is mine..

Thanks Fonz....

Shame we can not give this all the old fonze touch.

And the machine will work again..

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For non-ICANN controlled domains, You should probably contact the individual registry...

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Yeh got it all happening just aint got the cash to fit them all in the lifeboat this week, looks like I will be riding out the storm,.

And dont forget April fools day, Big Kevin must be just having a bit of a joke on us all..

You know durgh!! wake up 1st April and everyones websites are up, there domains in there accounts there angry customers silent and there is a sort of hush as Icann parades triumphantly through the stadium, victor over the prankster..

Harah! Harah!.

Wake up Icann this the real world.

You are in trouble.

You have no power.

And you have no trust $.

Realy you have no idea how much your failure to comunicate has cost this Industry...

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