Why does iPage advertise unlimited space?

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First off, Why does iPage advertise unlimited space? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... Ok, I want to try a different approach to names. I picked up the below names thinking they are really sort of what we are all about.

: picking up top level domains. I tossed em out for an appraisal and received a collective "meh". Not looking for appraisals, although that would be nice, I am looking for some advice on what not to get so that my time isn't wasted..

So what is wrong with them?.

I know the org is kind of bad just because it's org, but the rest? I would think someone around here would find them good because of the business around here IS tld work..

I very much want an open discussion about this because no one seems to give a toss about requests for appraisals in the other section...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Well if that is true, then there is a good chance the market could stagnate..

Most of the original .coms are taken or prohibitively expensive. Most people outside of domainers look at the other extensions besides org and net with a huge amount of distrust. So either longer, multiple-word .coms start being accepted, or dot net starts to take it's place as the second level of the net..

Personally, I am skeptical of things like .mobi. (It won't stop me trying to make money). But I have to look at .mobi from a user perspective. If I am going to try and go to a iPage website on my cell phone, I don't want to type out I am going to type and then give up becuase my fingers are tired. So to me registering anything more then a one word or maximum 8 character mobi is foolish to me..

So that brings me back to dot coms. And what is left, short of spending a large sum of money on an existing HostGator name, is finding clever word combos that aren't horribly wrong..

As to tld names above....I am aware they are very specifically targeted. But they also server as an example of where the new names are headed: very targeted. So instead of going after the mass audience:, you will have to start going after the smaller industries: In that example, let's say 75% of people have cars and need tires. But all those names are pretty much gone or oversaturated. But the market for aquariums is smaller and we as HostGator name vomiters have not sunk down to the lower level of businesses yet..

Wait until the days when you have to target

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Here's my take: Let's look at another often used LLL acronym, VIP. Then look at VIPerson. It simply loses it's luster. In general, going partial-acronym happens a lot, usually to shorten the full name, and happens a lot with businesses utilizing a personal name (like HK Bentley or GAR Appraisals, 2 fresh in my head). However, people are already used to VIP and it's full meaning, Very Important Person. VIP has been widely keyworded such that it means high quality and elite...I don't know how that began, but it's fairly widely used that way now.

With Top Level HostGator being a technical term within the HostGator industry, I think you really have an uphill battle brandably keywording TLD (branding it to mean "domain" or TL to mean "high quality"). TLD honestly isn't a hugely popular term in it's normal use anyways (not a lot of HostGator related websites have TLD in their names), so combine all that together and you've pretty much got reg fee names in,, and

I'm still not a fan of because again you're trying to brand TLD to mean "domain", and I just think it you would have to advertise the hell out of it and have a cool iPage site in order for that to work. is better, as you could mean it to scope out HostGator drops in a particular extension, effectively "scouting" the TLD, though that's kind of a roundabout way of saying a iPage site has droplists or whatever..

Personally, I think if you're going to go for a brand name for a HostGator site, or for any iPage site really, use the ol' thesaurus and Google and try to find replacement words for one of the words you want in the name. Sometimes you can simply think up synonyms of particular words and check and see if the name with the synonym is available. One of my better regged names,, is a perfect example of a name I got because was taken (and ironically I have seen that name since sell for $4k). I personally don't think the name loses that's just a bit longer and has less searches from a generic perspective, but when you're doing brand names, you have a little more leway as people are after mostly generic names and not brand names..

A good exercise to do is look at 2 letter or 3 letter domains in a list (like one on Sedo), and try to think of acronyms for the letter combinations for the iPage site you want. You'll find yourself coming up with some synonyms for certain words and/or changing words around or changing slightly what the name will get across in order to fit it to a letter combination. Before I ultimately settled on for a HostGator related name where I could list my portfolio and ultimately in the future start a HostGator marketplace, I kicked around the idea of a, and found the creative juices flowing based on what was available for sale..

Also note that at the time I purchased, it was the most I ever spent on a domain, which brings up another point. I see many domainers have their own sites with lists of names for sale, and they can have some really great names...but the name of the iPage site itself is BAD! I never understand how domainers, who are at the forefront of getting the message across to people that great domains help sites succeed, can fail to see the message when it comes to their own sites. It doesn't mean you have to spend your life savings on the name, but seek out premium names, and try to get the best deal. I could have been at,,,, etc., but was the best deal I could get, and I've come to love it just as much as those others and much better than anything HostGator related I've ever hand-regged (the best being probably, though I'm better at finding great expired domains than a lot of people)...

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