Why doesn't this link

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My first question is Why doesn't this link Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... That has dropped and you just know it's a great name and you think there is no way that it is still availablenot a name this goodthen you jump on Godaddy and see all the other exts. taken except the .com and you get that great feelingwow.

The thrill of the chase I guess you could say.

Just found one that has 254,000 ovtit is a hyphen but I still could not belive it was available on a drop..

Just goes to show you if you search you can find good names everyday..

This was the name I found..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Thats not a hyphen it's a double wammy !!.

Damn that is loooong, potent keywords though !.

Oops !.

I'm trying to stay away from buying hyphens for now but sometimes I can't resist.

I just got motor-yacht _com a couple of days ago, 90 visitors and a few clicks already. PR4 1999.

You should develope that one to get the most out of it.

I would think PPC would be a pretty rate ? .


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Nice HostGator name.. But it is a bit long.. but worth a lot!..

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Good luck, you have a lot of competition....


It up good and you could have a decent money maker!..

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Oh yea, I know that feeling well (good name by the way, great for.


). Probably the most giddy I ever was upon finding a name available that I managed to get was ironically with a name in the same category but different field, Only about 500 OVT at the time, but I investigated the Google results and found that conduit loans make up about 20% of all commercial loans (maybe higher now) and accounted for over $100 billion of commercial loans last year in the US alone. So...even with only 2949 OVT and rather low Google to speak of, the OVT bids average at $.55 and frankly, the value of the name could potentially be ginormous. Seems like conduit loans have grown rapidly within the commercial lending industry for the last few years now. Anyhow, good luck to us both!..

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So what's the benefit of such a long, hyphenated name? It's obviously not going to get any type-ins. I take it it's with the search engines. Can you get great placement on a search engine result page if someone searches "student consolidation loan"?..

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If your happy thats all that matters.

Good luck..

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All I will say is I hope everyone keeps thinking this way and not buying hyphen names and I will keep buying them and getting the .50, 1.00 or 1.50 a click with themI have names longer than this that get very good traffic and clicksif you type the name in with the hyphens exactly the way it is it will come up with 254,000 ovt a monththere is a reason all the other extensions are taken except for the bizI love hyphens.

Just a few of my hyphen names and what they have done 5 days into this month..

Adult-Novelty.com2 clicks$1.62.

Cheap-Insurance-leads.com1 click$1.02.

Buy-a-Used-Car.com1 click$0.28..

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As said above... as long as you are happy..

This market is very unpredictable... so what's not so great to me... is your gold..

Im an open minded guy, I guess if it's taken in the main extensions there must be something special about it..

Good luck with it..

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My bank account says "no searching today".. is taken, all other ext avail - Creation Date: 12-Apr-2006. is available (British version?).

I have, the last remnant of a couple dozen double hyphen keyword .info domains that I wasted money on. I can't seem to get much traffic there, but it will be great for.


If it ever gets noticed (.



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