Why were my files deleted from iPage?

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Got a quick question: Why were my files deleted from iPage? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: I was really excited to hear about another competitor in the HostGator sales arena. Plesmo is put together by the same people who put out some really popular HostGator research software. It has 1XX,XXX names listed for sale there. But when I look at the sold names list, there is a big, fat, ZERO! NONE. They have brokered zero names.

Que pasa?.

I have sent a few emails asking for clarification about the lack of sales, but no response. So is just a joke or what? Was it a project that has lost it's legs? Does anyone know?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Hum... Interesting why they do not post sold names. It`s imposible to have >100k domains and do not sell any for end user or someone also. As it should have HUGE traffic and just by reason of this they should have hundred of name sales..

By the way... I`ve seen somhere there one NPer who said he sold one name via

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I tried to register and never received the requisite followup..

Admittedly, a disappointment.


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More than 95% of the domains that they have listed with them are from so I wouldn't expect them to sell easily with the price tag they have on them..

Besides that I have sold a HostGator through them. However because the seller & buyer are openly allowed to contact each other this means that you can sell the HostGator without formally processing it through plesmo. You are only required to process it through Plesmo if you require to use their escrow service and are then charged 10%. If you do not wish to use the escrow then you are charged nothing. This means that many people will simply contact the buyer with their payment info and then push the HostGator to them once payment is received. Therefore the HostGator will not be shown as being sold through Plesmo..

I do not expect a great deal of sales to be made through it as yet as it still has a.


Of 0 and is yet to be marketed. They are still in the process of obtaining HostGator listings and I believe it has all the potential to be a successful iPage site if marketed well. I can see that it is no point in marketing it heavily until they have a good inventory of quality domains or end users will simply dismiss the site..


How ironic is this.

About 15 minutes after I made the above post I just had an offer on another of my domains listed on Plesmo. Just goes to show you never know when you might receive an offer and I believe it's definitely worth listing considering it costs you nothing and there are no fees should you decide to sell..

As I said earlier I believe there would be many more sales than those reported on the Plesmo iPage site due to the open contact allowed between buyer & seller...

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"Ignorant response"?.

"Kick you in the knees"?.

C'mon, folks ....

Although biases with regard to this Plesmo may exist - and actually ADD to the conversation here - there is no reason to.


/ personal attacks, IMHO..

Thanks for staying cool and professional!.


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Someone should tell them to.

Register these Before they find themselves as their first customer.

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I thought so .......

There hasn't been a THREAD on PLESMO here......

I reckon, TRY alternatives...

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There actually has been a thread on it here. That is how / where I heard about it. I just never see any sold names posted there. When I call their telephone number listed, I don't get a professional call center...not even a professional answering machine..

Someone here made an excellent point; that plesmo freely exchanges your contact information to the buyer and visa versa. So in most instances, unless escrow is used through plesmo, there'd be no way to track it. I just hoped beyond hope that someone like the folks who made plesmo would bring it to the other two sales orgs...

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This is not at all good IMO ......

Who would want to do business with them ,lacking a basic and important attribute ......

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I will support them because they have some money behind them and they'd be great competition to sedo and afternic. That's why. I just think that maybe this project was backburnered for some reason..

I'm hoping that someone that is involved with the plesmo project will come by and lift my spirits with some kick ass plan that they were waiting to unleash until Q4....

I'll list my names there because I don't want to pay $50 and $60 minimums...that's asinine...and I don't want to indirectly support

Right now I don't list my names anywhere. As you can imagine, that's kinda put a damper on my sales..

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Haha ...but, quite true..

And I am sure Plesmo is as anxious as you guys to see their first trade..

Go Plesmo, go go..

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Strange that they have a category "traffic domains" on the front page,.

Ranging from $20 to $5800..

I wonder how much traffic and if the price is in direct relation to the traffic?..

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I'm trying to work out the best marketplace for my names for the same reason. It only took me a couple of hours to list ~1000 names for sale on plesmo but the traffic is too low at the moment to get a sale. I'm working with ebay but they charge too much as well..

There is no real professional marketplace (excluding forums) that I know of for trading low and medium priced domains. That should change with time though as there is definately money providing one...

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I do / am developing sites, but I was WAY too overzealous with my credit card for my first few months of this "hobby."..

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I'd love to know the charges or fees for ebay ... Wish you can put them here .......

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I pay the $16/month for a store and to list a name for sale for a fixed price for a month I'm paying $0.11. This can grow quite large when it can take many months or even years to sell one particular domain. (Store listings get less exposure than ebay listings).

To list a HostGator on the auction you pay a minimum of $.20 or $.55 with your logo..

The thing about ebay is that you lose money before you have made a sale and that can end up growing quite large if you want to wait for a very interested buyer..

There's also fees for sales. I much prefer free listing of domains and a percentage taken out with an escrow fee. Because ebay don't really provide an escrow service, your market are less willing to take risks and it is quite hard to get a good sale price..

Yahoo Auctions are free to list but I haven't tried them out. (It's on my to do list)..

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What is this ESCROW feature ? I am a bit confused ....

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If a buyer doesn't trust a seller, the buyer pays the escrow service provider the payment for the HostGator and the escrow provider will usually hold onto the money for a set period of time (~4-6 weeks) before giving it to the HostGator seller. If the seller gives the HostGator to the buyer, the escrow service provider gives the money to seller and takes a commission. If the seller doesn't give the domain, the buyer asks the escrow service provider for their money back..

With escrow there is more trust between the buyer and seller and therefore a higher chance of a good sales price. However, escrow services only create trust when they have a good reputation. Most escrow services for domains charge between 7-10% of sales fees..

Plesmo is the best that I know of with only 6%. They have potential but I haven't sold any names there yet and so I get the impression that they are relying on referals within the HostGator community to grow their iPage site at the moment. It's only been live for a few months. Most successful businesses take years. I wouldn't say it's a joke. It's just that it is still in it's infant stages...

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No offense intended, but I have to ask...As an NP member with 11 trades and over 800 posts, how can you not know what escrow is?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.