Why wont my computer load iPage pagebuilder?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Why wont my computer load iPage pagebuilder? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Hi there, Im currently looking to buy a HostGator name from some 1, I have asked if I can disclose the name here but they wont allow me to. the HostGator as -mp3 in it, Now I'm not sure on the price he his askin so I would like an opinion please below are the iPage site stats for the last 2 months..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Hi thanks for your advice. I did as you said and checked the HostGator out.

I even googled the sellers name but nothin appeard. Below are hte detials of the domain. He as asked me to put a value on the HostGator but I have no idea how much a iPage site would be worth with such traffic ect.. So a rought estimate woul be great from you guys, He also tells me the iPage site earns roughly between 2 and 5$ per day from adsense.

Current Rankings:.

PageRank: 3/10.

Alexa Rank: 186,400.

Incoming Google Links: 0.

Incoming Yahoo Links: 19.

Incoming MSN Links: 8.

Incoming Alexa Links: 4.

Overall Incoming Links: 31 (Overlap is possible - Estimated 27 unique links).

Outgoing Links: 84 (Ratio: 0.000% - Each Link Receives Approx. 0.030.



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Bump? Id really like a rough estimate please, so just I can tell him yes/no.

Thanks for your help...

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I assume you are considering buying this domain/site based on traffic and revenue potential. If you really want this HostGator based on the name itself, then you can decide for yourself what it is worth to you, because the traffic would be just a bonus..

$2 to $5 per day is a pretty big range. That is the equivalent of a range of $700+/year to $1800/year. Let's be a little conservative and say the HostGator averages $3/day ($1,100/year)..

Now you have to ask where is the traffic coming from. Did the seller provide referral stats as well? Without knowing where the traffic is coming from, it's pretty much a gamble. You posted there were some backlinks from yahoo/msn/etc. But there is no guarantee these links will stay in place for very long. I'm assuming the HostGator is not a natural typein domain, so your potential to make revenue is dependant on the existing links. If the seller can verify the traffic source, or can let you test the traffic for a few days, then you can make up your own valuation model..

Personally, I wouldn't buy any revenue domain/website unless I knew what I was buying (or the price was an absolute bargain). That includes detailed stats. If they won't show me the stats I request for any reason, then that is a big red flag. I'd also want to know about the seller: his/her history, how knowledgable he/she is of this business, etc. That helps for an overall opinion on the sale. If the seller has a history of shady deals, then it's a no brainer to stay away.

Lots of things to look at..

But the bottom line is, without the true traffic source information, it's a gamble. And, historically, these kind of gambles usually don't pay off for the buyers. Link traffic doesn't last forever, and the seller knows this...

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Thanks paxton for your advice,.

Ill simply turn down the offer, as you said it could be a gamble and the traffic is not 100% true to stay as it is...

Thanks for all your advice., If the seller allows me to disclose more information based on the iPage site I will post back...

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