Why won't the shortcuts on the Windows start Medifast menu appear again?

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My 1st question is: Why won't the shortcuts on the Windows start Medifast menu appear again? Hoping for any response. Another question... Hello I'm having.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Thurs march 11 and I'm scared out my mind did anyone else feel like this?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I'm 3 months out and I feel that way. Just think about the life you would lead if you didn't have the.


THAT should scare us, but it doesn't because we are in denial. I pray the serenity.


, cos I know I am doing the right thing and my emotions are the last thing that is real! " Grant me SERENITY, to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT CHANGE. COURAGE to CHANGE the things I CAN. WISDOM to KNOW the DIFFERENCE!" Really lookin forward to hearing about your great experiences! P..

Comment #2

I think all of us were scared. This is major.


That you are undergoing and once it is done, there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. You will do just fine. You have done all your homework and have reached this point and it will be sooooooo much better on the other side of the.


Be sure to let us all know how you are doing...

Comment #3

I think we all felt that way....even as we make up our mind to do something this drastic, and life changing, there are worries and concerns...that is normal. Just try and continue researching those questions you have as they come up, and trust the skill of the doctors you've sought and discussed this with. It will be over , you'll be on your way, and amazed at the changes, quickly in yourself..

Let us hear from you after you get home..


Comment #4

All natural feelings! I was so apprehensive and scared that I didnt talk to anyone the night before and the day of.


I kinda shut down internally..

Now I can say that I was soooo scared but I knew that I had to do it for me..

I wouldnt ever change the decision even if I could...

Comment #5

Hi Kicia,.

Scared nervous excited emotions run rampant lol..

Just get as much time in here as you can and become more comfortable....

Life on the otherside is awesome and much easier than you can ever imagine..

Your going to be loving this after a short recovery...

Stick with us, were here for you....

Andy aka Buzz xx..

Comment #6

I know how you feel, I was the same way. In fact even driving over on the day of my GBS, I was scared about having this done. It was not easy, but at almost 6 months post op, I can say it was the best thing I ever did. Best wishes...

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I had my.


Like 3 weeks ago toady and I was thinking all night. "Do you think your really going to do this?" LOL I think I was on the stretcher they bringing me down, and I was.


A little bit and I can remember thinking, well this is it!! It's very normal to feel worried, scared and it's the unknown. I was very worried and scared!! I can remember thinking about my kids and everything!! But you will be fine. Everything will go well and you will be home before you know it!! I can't beileve it's already been 3 weeks!! THis is crazy it feels like it was just yesturday!! GOOD LUCK!!! :)..

Comment #8

Yep I was scared out of my mind.. lol but I didn't tell anyone I pretended to be brave and act like this was nothing and it worked they believed me lol! but I remember lying there getting my IV put in and wanting to just tear it out of my arm and run for the nearest exit, but I did it. :) the first couple of weeks are hard i'll be a month out tomorrow.. i'm feeling alot better. ") you'll be fine...

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Hello I'm having.

Gastric bypass surgery.

Thurs march 11 and I'm scared out my mind did anyone else feel like this?..

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I was scared also.I am 16 days post op,and have no problems so far.Just do they tell you and you be fine...

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Hi Kicia;.

I don't think I can add anything that has not already been said, but wanted to wish you well...take a deep breath and get ready to be a loser!.


Comment #12

Kicia, Had my.


Monday the first.... I had all kinds of emotions. You will do fine. Just listen to what they say. I will say a.


For you... Hugs! Altheia..

Comment #13

I was, but just think, you get there and you go to.


And when you wake up it's over and you're sore for awhile, but they keep you drugged and then your whole new skinnier life starts. I'm so glad I did this... God bless you.....

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As we say, something is wrong with you if you are NOT scared. Even though this will be the best thing that has happened to you, there are risks!! But I went into it knowing that I had to make a change so that my life, health and future would be better!! As I always do, I will pray for your speedy recovery without too much pain. Once home, take it easy on yourself, use whatever meds you need and we will be here when you ready to talk!! Debbie..

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