Will someone visit my website at ://

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My 1st question is: Will someone visit my website at :// Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Maybe they would give you Hawaii Island on the World project !!!!.


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Yup, but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Hi Guys,.

Im new to the forum so first of all, Hello!.

Interesting reading here about Dubai. I have a few Dubai domains:-.

Any thoughts? Im thinking of putting the word around they are for sale but havent pushed it yet!.



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The only dubai related names I have been able to get were a couple of Palm Islands related ones..

I know they're a little long, but they're to the point. Also, since there are now actually 3 palm shaped islands, I thought this made sense. Realty and property domains have usually always been good sellers..

We'll see eventually. They might be duds......

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I have and which I will develop later on unless I get a very tempting offer.

I think there will be at least about 100 hotels on the three islands by the time they finish ! may be a few years yet though 2010 +.

Got loads more dubai related names too, way too many to list here !.

Ps - I have ....currently accepting offers over $100, great for anyone wanting to develop an information/tourist guide.

Its Keyword hefty !.

Offers at sedo.


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OK, I've entered the Dubai game thanks to you guys.












What do you think?..

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I sold DubaiDigest when Dubai was becoming a big topic. I regret the sale now. I think it's still parked. Congrats on your sale!..

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A new GSM operator in the emirates ... maybe, maybe ... ;-)..

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I have only one :.

And it gets fair traffic...

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Congrats on sale. I have got only and now I will park it:-)..

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I just have one -.

Congrats on the sale!..

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Only just... had them over at Fabulous until recently..

The Dubai Communications market seems to be heating up. Lots of people, Lots of infrastructure to be deployed, Lots of people to serve. It's a bull market..

Land Lines, despite alot of the emphasis on wireless, will still be a huge part of it though, with all the tourism, hotels, resorts, etc. Don't rule out the value of a good 'ol land line.

But I agree with the assessment and the deployment of wireless networks in the area. Tourists always carry cell phone. And talk about ROAMING fees! LOL!!!.

Go Dubai, GO!.


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Yep - lots of growth and potential there for sure.

Damn....Who brought this thread back made me reg another one.

But I forgive you.

May have been a recent drop I beleive, archieve shows a few records for 2004/05.

Another keeper.

Go Dubai - Go Baby Go !!!.


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Anyone here have:.


Does Dubai own all of them? I wonder how much they'd be worth.....

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I know is for sale, someone in the uk owns it - the last I heard it was about 20,000 ish, I can't remember the exact price he replied with.. went for $18,000 a long time ago and is for sale at sedo.


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Nice one Gazzip, what a find! I recently bought hehe (high paying ads), but Dubaibreaks is definitely better!..

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Thanks Tetrapak....and thanks to the person who made me do it.

I can't help it, another Dubai addict !.

I promised myself no more.


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I agree man ... me too for the past month or so..i've been addicted to dubai HostGator names... like I have at least 50- 60 of them by now....

And much more... hopefully these sites are bound to be of interest to buyers.....

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