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First question I have is Wordpress navigation Medifast menu on the side? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Ok I never have been diabetic...but I know that the act of the gastric bypass is known to help folks who are diabetic..

Is this specific to type two diabetes or type 1 as well?.

I have a friend who is on an.

Insulin pump.

And she is possibly interested in bypass. She is above average in size but not huge....and trying to weigh the pros and cons. She wants control of her life again..

Anyways...I'd like to be able to tell her more about what happens with the diabetes (or is possible) if she has the.



Anybody care to share some info with me?.

Thanks in advance.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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To the best of my limited understanding, this is mostly a benefit for type-II disbetes (adult onset). People who are type-II (like myself) are insulin-resistent. We developed our insulin resistence through many years of obesity and excess sugar. Our pancreas still produces insulin but our cells are not very good at using it. This is why obesity is a contributing cause in type-II diabetes..

OTOH, In type I (juvenile onset), the.


Produces essentially no insulin. Often people who are type-I are not overweight. While GBS in a type I diabetic might help with sugar control - and that's important - they will never loss their need for insulin shots/pump..

Do we have any Type-I's here on DS who've had GBS?..

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Hi Karla...I am a type 2 diabetic and after.


I still have to take 4 shots a day. I am down 100lbs and yet stick myself still. The Doctor seems to think that because it is in my family greatly that I may never be considered a non-diabetic. He said that if I continue to.

Lose weight.

, which I will, that someday I may only need pills to control it. But he said that in his expert opinion I will never be without some kind of medication. I agree with those who stated that they didn't think it would help those with Type 1 because of there onset being in childhood and them not being able to produce natural insulin at all. But this is one subject I don't know anything about..


This help a little bit!.

Hugs as always,.


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My hubby is type 1 diabetic and wants so bad to get this.


But he not as overweight as he needs to in order to be approved by insurance. We have not even asked a doctor so have no clue if he would even be a candidate for it. I want to clarify that type 1 diabetes is often referred to as juvenile onset but sometimes it happens after adulthood. Lyle was a type 2 diabetic for about 6 years before he became a type 1. He was in his 40's. It seems he got some kind of virus that caused his pancreas to stop producing insulin.


I would love to hear from more diabetics here on the GBS forum as well...

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I am on a.

Insulin pump.

I have been a diabetic for over 25 years. GBS will not get rid of my pump but I will not need as much insulin to control my sugars. I will have a better chance of not having Kidney failure and Heart complications...

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My sister is type 1. She also developed it in adulthood, probably from a virus attacking her pancreas, and no amount of.


Or anything else is going to cause her damaged pancreas to start producing insulin again. She will be diabetic and have to take insulin from now on. She is not overweight. Obesity is not a factor in true type 1 diabetes. Her pancreas simply does not produce insulin any longer. Sometimes people confuse an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic with a type 1. They are really 2 very different conditions even though some of the symptoms and the consequences of poor care are the much the same...

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She needs to consult a physician. We are not able to offer such specific medical advice for someone with Type 1. I can only offer my experience: GBS resolved my Type 2 diabetes as soon as I woke up from.


There is much medical evidence out there to suggest the cure rates are above 80 percent for GBS patients. My surgeon says the jury is still out on Type 1...

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This question is by no means there to replace the advice of any doctor. However, as we all know,.


Into appointments with.


, experience and first hand information from others who have experienced the same is always helpful. It allows people who are still.


To be able to listen, learn and ask the right questions. I know very little about diabetes (admittedly) and was hoping for some feedback from those more knowledgable about the interaction between the two. Which I do believe I have recieved from the folks above....Thank you all.

It gives me a great base for further.



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Hi Karla..

Diabetes, Cholesterol and High Blood pressure were the 3 reasons why I was recommended for.


, I was below the BMI requirements..

I was taking some 9 tablets and 2 injections a day. I was non compliant. I would eat sugars thinking tablets were the cure, but they are not... Diabetes wrecks everything....

So... after.


I have taken nothing for nearlly 5 months. my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is good but the sugars are still alittle too high so I have been asked to go back onto a quarter of my.



GBS..hmmm I was assured I would be sugar intolerant, that is why I opted for that over a band knowing I will break the rules. I am not sugar intolerant... I can tollerate as much as I used too which is a shame I was hoping to be real sick on it....

So, as others have said it's not a guaranteed cure, it's a tool for all things provided you stick to the rules..

Do I regeret it... NEVER..

I feel so so sooo much better and any weight loss is a bonus..

I am having to make healtheir options and am now commited to a lifetime of eating changes...

I love GBS, I love feeling the way I do, I love the direction I am going..

I wouldnt change a thing..

But it's work. as you for one knows.....

Fell free to get your friend come online, we would love to hear from her, or if she prefers I can give my personnal e-mail for a one to one... no room for threesomes lol......

Have a great day Karla.

I for one would recommend it.....

Buzz xxx..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.