Would you happen to know which company logo is this ?

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Quick question: Would you happen to know which company logo is this ? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question.....well not that strange.

, but I just got this email and thought I'd see what other np'ers thought and whether or not anyone had had similar experiences?.

Any thoughts? Possible scam? Anyone had a more unusual offer?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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It does have a Scammy sound/feel to it - JMO.


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It's pretty obvious that he's offering warez, but an interesting offer nevertheless. What was the name that he wanted?..

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I guess the first question is: do you have a good use for all that software? I would not..

Of course pirated software is very possible, there should be some way to check. Unless the stuff is fake he would have to pay a lot of cash, despite wholesale discounts, so perhaps he could make a cash offer of his cost of the software. If not then it is counterfeit, which is a definite possibility, indeed the most likely one...

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Hmm, yeah it's a tough one, it does have a 'scammy' air about it doesn't it, yet it's so 'out there' it might just be genuine? Strangely though the HostGator was never actually mentioned - all I've edited from that email is his name and details etc. My reply was basically "What HostGator are we referring to here?" and enquiring if he would offer a financial alternative etc...

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If he did'nt even mention the HostGator name he was interesting in then he's just fishing for business IMO - salesman patter - the pitch will come later !.

Tell him you will swap his software for a sheep !.


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Who knows could well be legit. Giving away product is always the cheapest option for a seller if he really is a software vendor he probably buys at wholesale rates. I'd ask for some proof of his business a website, a tax ID #, business license number, or something like that..

I'd also ask that they be mailed rather than downloaded much less likely to be able to forge the actual discs and documentation..

This all assumes that you're even interested..


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I got the same email.... and I don't even have any names listed with right now...

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My ex-wife was a cow so I swapped her for some software.

Bargain !.


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It's a scam, he is going to let you download the software from the official websites in question and then proceeds to use a key generator to activate the software for you..

This means you would be using pirated software and he has the HostGator in exchange for this..

Good deal? Nah...not really!..

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Well, second only to him changing his offer to $15000 cash or thereabouts, this was what I was hoping for - pretty clear evidence he must be a scammer. Thanks ManicGirl...

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Dingdingdingding! We have a phishing scammer! If they sent more than one of the above email out, that removes all doubt in my mind...

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They want to exchange pirated software for a HostGator and then they proceed to sell the HostGator - at least try to.

That's basicly the scam in a nutshell..

Or perhaps they are going to do the old appraisel scam...

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Looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck.... it's gotta be, a ................

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Resale rates are probably just at max 50% cheaper than retail prices. (For such software).

He will be suffering a major loss doing so..

Definitely a scam...

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Ok update:.

He has replied with this:.

P.s. now he is known as a scammer I will publish his name and email:.

Dilpreet sharma < 2 days ago so he won't be able to scam that one out of me....

I am just not sure whether or not I can be bothered to waste more of my time by stringing him along a bit, anyways it's over now..

Thanks all for your help, and take heed all who read this thread... not everyone plays by the rules, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...

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This same guy sent me PM from DNF offers the samething (Gold member)..

He then sent me a bunch of email yesterday. What he did was scan the who is from the HostGator names then enter the email address into spammin email software (send one at a time from the database in order to avoid spam detection...

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Sounds like a scammer for sure, especially with what others have said. Wise idea not to go with his "offer". Could be black market cloned software too, like what I've seen on news reports that sold in downtown China. You never know. Besides, what good is all of that software going to do you? If you need it, you already have it. I doubt you could sell it on eBay for as much as he said it's worth - maybe half, and that's IF it's 100% authentic.

Like I said though, wise choice...

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Of course he'll give oodles of software for a $100 domain...why not? All it is is copying the software, which costs only time. You can't copy a HostGator on the other hand. Not much motivationg for a seller really, getting likely pirated copies of software for their domain, and the buyer isn't giving up anything...

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