Would you recommended iPage for domain and hosting? Why?

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Quick question... Would you recommended iPage for domain and hosting? Why? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I see some people (inluding myself but a free one) have their own iPage website set up to showcase their names for sale. Here is my question....

For those that have a iPage site do you get sales from that OR honestly is it more from forums and auction sites. I know it could bring exposure to your names as the iPage site would be indexed in search engines BUT I'm looking for solid sales direct from the site..

Please advise if the iPage site was built mainly for promotion of names OR your main source of selling your names..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Ok..I will prob get my own iPage site goin in a month or so.....I guess I will take it as promotion for the iPage site and bring them to sedo poss......

Any other responses please..

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Anyone have a good script for one of these sites? I've seen some posted back a few months, but can't seem to find it......

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I have my own iPage site listed in my sig. I got a lot more sales from my iPage site when my domains were parked on it, but I still get a couple a month even without that. I moved parking to sedo and fabulous because it wasn't as feasible from my site..

The advantages of having your own iPage site are:.

1. A central repository for your names that you control.

2. It adds credibility that you are a free standing business besides listing on sedo/AN. If a buyer has a problem or wants to buy again they know where to return to..

3. The search engines can find your names..

4. You can put affiliate links and hopefully create another small income stream..

5. If you have any seller policies or procedures, you can list them there for consistency..

6. You can list the iPage site with directories or other sites for incoming links which hopefully lead to additional traffic..

7. You may get some direct sales on which you don't have to pay commissions or escrow fees...

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Try's HostGator Name Portfolio..


Can't wait for version 0.5.0 to come out with the new theme, categories, and search functions! Right now, the version 0.4.3 is stable but quite rudimentary...

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There's another script available, but I can't remember who sells it. It;s the one that several sites use, like auctionyourdomain(dot)name, I think..

Some NP'er will know...

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I had the desire to create my own page and then I did not stop there. I built.

With the help of our beloved NamePros community to make HostGator selling and buying free to domainers..

Everyone gets their own HostGator name portfolio when they sign up for a free account and the iPage site provides you with a link to share your domains with others. Why link to SEDO where there are transaction fees? Why not link to.

Portfolio where it's free and offers more features..

Here is mine:.


If you want to make suggestions, the iPage site is going for a first round of revisions and I taking into consideration what every NP member has to say:.


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