Would you recommended iPage or HostGato?

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Got a quick question: Would you recommended iPage or HostGato? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I sent some names over to - they spit some back at me as.


Premium, as I suspected (but what the heck). The others have been sitting over there "being reviewed for certification". How long does it take? Thanks.....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Not much Glee in your post........

I think most everyone has stated that the formulas leave a little to be desired..

And I will add this, to me, anything that is declared premium should have offers all over it and be at auction regardless of asking prices..

Even if the prices aren't met, we should be hearing about these "premium domains" at somewhere other than that site...

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Honestly an algorithm cannot replace human judgement so what would you expect..

The computer can compute objective HostGator metrics but it ends here...

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Even though most of us have issues with the appraisal of our domains, hats off to the developer of PremiumDomains: He took a concept that most of us know to be unreliable and not in acccordance with what a true premium HostGator is and marketed it enough to get people not only wanting the Premium label, but upset when they don't get it. He has not only created a demand for something we don;t want, but his marketing has put us in a position that we feel we need the Premium designation even if we don't like it..

It's sort of like getting a minor credential in the tech may not mean much to those who know better, but it does to those who don't. As such, we will all want the "Premium" certification because it will help sell our domains to those buyers who see the cert and are impressed by it..

This guy might be able to sell us shares in the Golden Gate Bridge. Good for him....and who knows, it may turn out to help HostGator sales...

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Really? I don't think that applies to EVERYONE. But yea, Kudos to him for buying up just about all the banner advertisement on most of the HostGator sites on the net...that musta taken some dough. And for what it's worth, PremiumDomain(s).com are both premium names...

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As quickly explained by email, the search popularity is not based on last month Overture data but on the montly average for the last 12 months (data from Trellian)..

The ratio between both data source is statistically linear..


I already commented that myself I do not take the decision to buy only comparing HostGator scores. It will be absurd!.

When it's time to take a decision, there are others factor to consider out of HostGator metrics..

Now you can be sure of something, if the generic HostGator is not premium:.

I don't even think to purchase it..

I make an exception when I am searching a name for a new service I want to give a strong identity..

In this case I search domains that are not generic, that are very short and that are readable/pronouncable, and that are dot com..

Those ones some people call brandable...

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FYI - for what it's worth - they did send something back to me saying that they don't use overtures keyword results tool to calculate the overture search..


"We don't use Overture for calculate the search popularity but Trellian data..

The ratio between both sources is statistically linear..

Also we use the average monthly search popularity calculated on the annual.

Data and not last month stats only.".

I do totally agree with what you're all saying..


Marketing and as appraisal systems go -PremiumDomains is pretty good. As you all know - I did bother to submit there. Although, I still don't give any automated systems too much credit. See the new bottom line in my signature...

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Verbster and make some interesting points. I agree that you have to admire what cybertonic has done with PremiumDomains brand in a relatively short period of time. He got a great HostGator name to begin with. He built an entire system around it. He marketed heavily. His site/company/brand has become well known.

So whatever we might think about appraisals (from PD, or anywhere/anybody else) we must give PD's founder credit for following his idea, building that dream, and putting his money and time into making it successful...

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PD has acted honourably throughout in my opinion, he has been up front and constantly answers queries about how domains are qualified (or otherwise) as prime domains. But I feel a lot of people are actually missing the point,or at least what I see as the point, of the service PD gives, this is a numerical result relying on performance in the market place, to my knowledge he does not give a monetary value to a domain. This allows us to look at domains of different types and use the numerical value in judging the value of the HostGator for ourselves as potential buyers!.

Now can anyone here say they understand how the other major players in the 'domain appraisal' business give the values they give for different domains? Do they come here or on other forums (even their own forums) and explain how values are worked out? Of course they do not. I know for a fact that I am more comfortable with a result from PD than I am with any other service out there simply because I know that the potential buyer of my domains will equate a value depending on their own perception of value but now they have a 'tool' to compare some basic values of various HostGator names and suffixes..

PD, well done and keep it up...

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I agree Db, I think we need to give Cybertonic credit. I won't say more, there has been enough pro and con. Just glad to see some positive comments..


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If a HostGator name is not rejected and is pending certification for more than 4 days.does it mean it is a premium and awaiting a certificate?..

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I don't think there is any guarantee it will be premium, because it is taking more than a few days. I'm sure Cybertonic will give you an answer. I am pretty sure I have waited over a week for some, some approved premium, some not..

Again, well stated..


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Thanks for the kind posts above..


Does a HostGator in a pending status for few days means is Premium?.

Frank given you the good response: Absolutely no..

This simply means the last days the volume of domains to certify has been over the maximum domains we use to handle daily..

You just have to be patient and wait your pending domains be checked..


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Not to beat a dead horse, but cybertonic has been very responsive to questions by our company as well and we agree with the points made above.. PD is definitely providing a valuable service and bringing some sort of "bar" and more clarity into the DN business..

Also, PD clearly says that they evaluate English keyword domains, so if you have a HostGator that is brandable and made-up, it will probably not be certified at PD because that is not what PD does..

Also, and this is in NO WAY a plug.

.. We are hoping that (PD's newest listing service.. ) does as well as PD and increases visibility and clarity in the "medium premium" market the same way PD has for the Premium.

Great work PD. Again.


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