Www iPage com/y.pothos - received in IM from Buddy, others get it from me now?

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My first question is Www iPage com/y.pothos - received in IM from Buddy, others get it from me now? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I recently won an expired name auction at TDNAM, paid for the HostGator promptly and two weeks later received notification that the transaction was complete and the HostGator was now in my account. Then a few days later it was gone!.

I got a "CHANGE OF REGISTRANT" email confirming that *I* had initiated a change of registrant to someone with a GoDaddy email address. An hour later another email arrived, "Per your request, the items listed below have been cancelled from your account", listing the registration of the HostGator in question..

I did not initiate any transfer and I did not cancel the domain. In fact I had some specific plans for developing that domain..

Another hour later and I received notice of a refund for the HostGator name..

My first email to GoDaddy's support was completely ignored, my second complaint was replied to with the following:.

I had not called GoDaddy, as I am in Australia and don't fancy being on hold while paying international rates. I should also point out that I purchased the name through an auction, not a backorder..

I replied indicating that I had not called and asked yet again for an answer as to why the HostGator was removed from my account without authorisation. The reply I got was as unhelpful as the first and further attempts to get any answers were met with what can only be described as stonewalling, ending with the following statement from GoDaddy's support: "Unfortunately we are unable to suppoirt this issue through this forum.".

Obviously something fishy is going on at GoDaddy....

Through the exchange with the least helpful support desk since eBay, I did manage to discover that the person who stole my HostGator name is a GoDaddy "domain specialist" and she sent the following "explanation":.

A complaint sent to.

Received a longer reply, addressing several issues that arose during this fiasco, but still leaving me in the dark as to.


The error was that lead to the HostGator being transferred out of my account without my knowledge or approval. Oh, but the "Office of the President" did up the offer of compensation to.


Years' registration of another domain. BFD!.

From the OotP's response, it seems someone rang GoDaddy claiming to be me, although supposedly no information was given out, yet the first support person appeared to be of the opinion that the phone call had settled the issue. I have to wonder what has gone on here? Someone calls GoDaddy, claiming to be me, then a HostGator I have purchased through an auction is mysteriously transferred out of my account and when pressed on the issue, GoDaddy's representatives avoid the question waffle on about "an error" without ever stating what it was and then offer a lame two (then upped to three) year HostGator registration in compensation for the loss of a brandable, five-letter domain..

Interestingly, shows the HostGator had been parked for two years prior to it expiring. DomainTools seems to indicate that the original /img/avatar6.jpg held the HostGator name up to it's expiry (if anyone has a silver account at DomainTools and can get me a copy of the whois history I would be very grateful) and the current /img/avatar6.jpg appears to be a "domain broker" by the name of NameGiant..

I wouldn't have minded so much if GoDaddy had just been upfront about the problem and if they had actually contacted me before stealing the domain. I have won a HostGator at TDNAM only to have the original /img/avatar6.jpg renew their registration, but the emails from GoDaddy/TDNAM are very clear about what is happening, but this time it appears they are trying very hard to cover up something. I think I might start moving my domains over to Moniker as soon as I can.....

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Im sorry to hear this. I used to work for Godaddy in their billing department, and this issue is very peculiar. There most likely was an issue with the original owner redeeming the HostGator name, or perhaps even being a retention customer (Retention customers = Top guys). They have extra pool because of how much they spend and even have a special department dedicated to them. My guess is that one of them asked there rep to renew the HostGator name, but never did. It went expired and fell into TDNAM, where you bid on it.

Sounds like BS to me. The problem is, it's probably not worth it to fight, even though you have a legal right to the HostGator name. Sorry to hear about it!..

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I've had a chance to check the domain's whois history but there appears to be a couple of missing changes. The history jumps from 2001 to when the HostGator was transferred to me, so I have no way of knowing for sure who the previous owner really was. I'll just have to take GoDaddy's word for it that the previous owner really was NameGiant..

I've resigned myself to the fact that I am not going to get the HostGator back and won't get a straight answer out of GoDaddy...

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I would geuss this is exactly what happens. I have my own special person I can call 24/7 to yell at (not mormal tech support, my own rep). Though I never have had to yell! Thank you GOD! Pretty much anything you ask for as long as you are happy. I would be POed if I were you. Sorry to hear about it. Very detailed post and interesting to read...

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Retention customers as a whole represent the top accounts at GoDaddy, typically an account that spends several thousand dollars a year would qualify, however you have to be invited by that particular department to become one, you cant ask...

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I had the opposite experience..

A few weeks ago, I sold a HostGator and got the money. But the buyer never responded to my transfer request. He did not act on it until I had to inform him the expiration of HostGator and finally begged him to get the HostGator from me..

The correct protocol should be: I will not get the money until he got the name...

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