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My first question is HOW DO I DESTROY THIS WEBSITE NO LONG Hoping for any comment. Another question... I have registered a HostGator name with Chris Maher a re-seller. meanwhile, I have found that somebody else is using the domain:! I am just building my iPage website and am not published..

I contacted the iPage site who said they have registered that name and they sent me to Enom where I found:.

Organization Name:.

First Name: IRENE.


Address 1: 17950 BURBANK BLVD..

Address 2: SUITE 21.


StateProvince: CA.

PostalCode: 91316-1673.

Country: US.

Phone: +1.8187573022.



......THAT IS US!!! .......

.....they also suggested I contact Chris the re-seller about this. he has not responded to my emails so far..

Before I put more effort into making my iPage site - Rainbow's Edge Gallery, please offer me some suggestions about resolving the /img/avatar2.jpgship of the HostGator name and what to expect if two or more of us are using it on the web..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Only 1 can ever exist. you as the registrant control which server hosts the iPage site (by changing the nameservers)..

If they are in fact using the HostGator name they have no control over it as it is in your name (presumably you are correct in saying it is). The fact they have the HostGator setup on a server means nothing. I could set up the HostGator name on my server but without means to change the nameservers I have no way to point the HostGator name to that account..

I would suggest you find out why they beleive they have the domain. It might be that they forgot to renew it or it may not have been the resellers to sell (maybe he was looking after it) or even worse it is possibly a stolen HostGator (but not likely).

If you can understand the reason they beleive they have the HostGator then it may help in future...

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Check for a redirect in the meantime... perhaps one is simply pointing to another. Could be the case if you bought the HostGator from another owner... the DNS may still be pointed alsewhere..

I had a parked HostGator that I sold that almost a year went by before the owner finally got around to changing the DNS off my parked site!!!.

It happens... it might be the case with your domain. I don't know..

In the words of the Highlander, "there can be only one"..


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Did you register it on July 25, 2006 like the whois shows? I see the whois shows Maher as providing the reg service (to the current owner listed, too) ...maybe he made a mistake?.

Also, though it's a long shot, carefully check the spelling of the HostGator you registered...I've made that mistake once or twice...

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It is a default parking page for me..

You need to upload your iPage site to use your domain...

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This is the point. He thought someone was using his HostGator when it is just a parking page put up by the registrar..

NO one is trying to use your domain..

You need to change the HostGator name servers to your iPage hosting providers and upload all your files: index.html and images etc...

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