You know the halo 3 main Medifast menu music what is that called?

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Got a quick question: You know the halo 3 main Medifast menu music what is that called? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. I have been really tired lately but I'm making it. I have learned that some Medifast food feel really great and others make me really sick! I am great with soups without noodles. I do look forward to having some low fat choices like a salad or sandwich! I.


That doesn't make me sound like I'm going into failure mode, I did find that corned beef hash works really well and thats good because I need to add flavors! I don't mind yogurt and cottage cheese but it gets sooooo bland after a while. Have I lost it????..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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I ate roast beef hash......less sodium, but not as good as corned beef my opinion..

Sandwiches are something that I have trouble with. I've tried like 3 times and I just can't take bread, or fajita wraps, or low fat english muffins. I guess it's a good thing..

Salad, now that's a good one. I just was approved at 4 months to eat lettuce. I've had chef salad, taco salad, and they have been the best tasting thing I have had to eat since my.


Of course it took me a couple of weeks to get up the nerve to try the lettuce once I was approved..

It is hard to find things that you really like, and of course just about everything tastes so bland and nasty. I'm just about 5 months, and still have no appetite for food, force myself to eat, and am hoping that at least that part gets a bit easier for me. I could go all day without anything, and that's not helping me get my protein in...

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I was pretty sick of the pureed foods myself, it was great going to mashed foods because on my approved list now is chili and eggs. Have had no problem with the chili and been using egg beaters for scrambled eggs with cheese and loving it. I too used the roast beef hash and actually mixed a little with scrambled eggs. Now that I am on the mashed foods I am avoiding all potatoes and stuff so just expermenting with adding soft veggies to my eggs. I am almost 6 weeks out and Medifast food is just something I have to do now, way different than my prior life. Good luck - just need to keep trying different things...

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Isn't it funny that after.


The thing we crave is salad? I couldn't wait to have one and now that is the thing I eat most of - with chicken of course!.

Now if only we could have craved salads before?!!?!?.

I add almonds, sunflower seeds, bacon etc for a variety as well...

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You will find that you can probly eat salad earlier than you thought. Its got a lot of water in it so pretty easy to eat. I even at celery pretty early which is a great snack. Most people have trouble with bread. I'm 3 yrs out and still have trouble eating it. Have to burp alot to get thru it.

Low in everything and I divide one into like 3 parts cause can only eat little bit at a time. Its also great for those who love pizza but of course can't and shouldn't eat regular pizza. Use the wrap like a crust and put sauce, lowfat cheese and whatever meats and bake it. Its a nice, thin crisp crust..

On the energy level are you taking your B12 sublinguals? That really helps with energy level..


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I am 3 weeks out, and eating puree/soft foods. I had egg beaters in the am, when I went to have the other half that I saved in the fridge that evening, it came right back up, so I think I do better eating all my meals before 7pm. I am really craving a salad too, cant wait to have some, uggggg....seems like it will be forever till I have one. I'm almost tired of soup,lol!..

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For those that can do eggs, I take and spray a small cup with I cant believe it's not butter, (plastic cup that is microwaveable found just the right one) and then break an egg into it, and I tiny bit of milk, if you can have cheese add it if you cant well lol dont, if you can have bacon add some chopped bacon I cant have those yet, and microwave for like 45-50 seconds depending on the microwave and how you like your poached egg, it's really really yummy and has become a standard for me..

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