Zaxbys employees... did u have 2 take a test over the foood Medifast menu?

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First question I have is Zaxbys employees... did you have 2 take a test over the foood Medifast menu? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... I realize that the majority of you have had no problems with.


, but I wish that I would have had everything explained to me beforehand of possible complications and so, that is what I'm doing for others. I really.


That I don't sound like the voice of negativity because I am still happy that I made the choice to have the.


I was scheduled for a lap RNY on December 16th. During the.


, the surgeons came out to ask permission from my husband to do an "open procedure" because they were having some problems and he gave them permission. Six hours into the operation, the surgeon then informed my husband that there was too much scar adhesions from my prior surgeries and that they were in the process of performing a bowel reconstruction in addition to the open RNY. I ended up in ICU for 4 days and in the hospital for 22 days. Needless to say, I was in shock because I had only taken 2 weeks off of work and now, I am on disability. I just wish that I had known prior all posibilities, even though I realize that percentages are high where nothing goes wrong. I.


That this post is not offensive to anyone or that you think I am trying to deter people from.


Because that is not my intention at all. Thanks for all your help you have given me in the past few days, it is priceless. CE52..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Everyone is differant and that is something that should be PUSHED to all people.

Just because I didnt have any major complications dont mean everything was perfect.

My partial lung that I have colaped after surgry so far that is the only thing I have had wrong.

I knew someone who had rumitory arthritis show through after having gbs.

It really depends on the individual and no matter what this is wonderfull information for other people who are looking into the gbs but gbs is not really any differant then any other major surgrys all operations come with a risk..

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Not offensive at all. I am sorry for the set back, but did you consider it all may have been a blessing in disquise? What I mean by that is that you may have had some brewing issues with that bowel that would've needed attention down the road, as the adhesions continued to grow, and affect that area even more? You may have saved yourself a second.


....but who knows? It's a set back now, but try and look at it as a longer path to get to that ultimate goal..

I also think it's good to share all experiences, even those set backs. This is not a.


To be taken lightly. Also,w e each have different anatomy and health issues, take different medications and have various emotional needs and it's good to put it all out there..


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No. Not offensive at all. I strongly believe people must go into this.


With eyes wide open. In my own case, I feel that I was properly informed about the possibility of conversion to an open procedure. I'm also very glad that did not happen..



Has very real risks, including death (in a small percentage of cases). Other complications are less serious but more frequent. Everyone who chooses to have this.


Should do so only after becoming fully informed. As I posted recently, I believe the emotional complications of the.


Are often glossed over. While some are lucky, a fairly high percentage of people experience emotional complications - depression, anxiety, confusion, etc..

I have no regrets but then again, I feel like I was fairly well informed about the risks and the required lifestyle changes before I chose to do this. A thorough examination of the risks, complication rates, and required lifestyle changes should be on the "TO DO" list of anyone considering GBS..

At the end of the day, GBS is an extraordinarily useful tool. But it is not for everyone. It is not magic. It doesn't fix your head. And it is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows..

Thank you for your post...

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I agree with Cindy, this really and truly could be a blessing in disguise. And like bighotmama said " good things.


To come for you.".

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way..

Cheryl aka cupsfull..

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Not offensive at all...we need to hear and talk through complications, it helps us ALL. I am sorry that you have had to deal with such a set back. Tough my.


Went well, I did have to go back into the hospital a couple of weeks after the.


For chest pains. I was so scared that I had a blood clot! After 4 days in the hospital they discovered that I had ulcers. I felt I was extremely informed before the.


Between a great surgical group and my own.


, but had no idea ulcers could be a complication. Thank you for sharing and know that you have a support group full of folks who are thinking and praying for you. God bless...

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Thank-you for all of your support and yes, I have had many days and nights to ponder the blessings in disquise throughout this whole ordeal and I know that all of this happened for some reason. You are all very kind and thanks. CE52..

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I'm sorry for your complications, but I am glad you posted. I believe that all should know the good, the bad, and the ugly!! I.


That you are on the road to recovery and feeling a bit better each day. There are a lot of things that I was not informed of prior to.


My biggest pet peave (which pales in comparison to what you are going through, for sure) is slider foods. I am almost 4 years post-op and have regained some weight with the help of slider foods and other things. These are foods that go in and out of your pouch with little effort and subconsciously gives you permission to eat more food! Nobody ever told me about this pre-op, post-op and in.

Support groups.

That I attended. BEWARE!!! Don't give in to slider foods because you will gain weight back...GUARANTEED!!! Stick to your guns and stay the course...pre-op, post-op and for the rest of your life. Sure you can treat yourself now and again, but don't make it a habit!!! Learn from my mistakes and have a better outcome..



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Thanks for your thoughts and the info. I also have never heard of "slider" foods and obviously at 6 weeks post op I haven't "cheated" with anything, but I would love to know what to watch out for in the future. Any guidance on what to.


Would be greatly appreciated. CE..

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I felt that I was well informed about possible complications as well, and my team stressed from the beginning that at any time during the procedure they could revert to an open - paperwork was signed before the fact giving permission if that should be the case..

In my case, I knew the risks included even possible death, and I went into it accepting that possibility and willing to take the chance. I don't think anyone should have this done who doesn't think that risking death is worth it. We are deperate people undergoing a desperate procedure that, if there were another - better alternative, we would otherwise.



Your post is a good example that none of this is to be taken lightly! Best wishes to you as you recover!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.